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<janneke>is it still possible with 3.0 to override a procedure in a library module (without editing the library module and adding #:declarative #f)?
<janneke>this only seems to work for modules that have #:declarative? #f:
<janneke>(module-define! (resolve-module '(some library module)) 'procedure local-override)
<ArneBab>janneke: I’m not sure — it’s something I’m missing dearly, because it’s super useful in the REPL.
<janneke>hmm, that sounds like: no, or use guile-2?
<ArneBab>I’m not sure whether there’s a commandline option.
<ArneBab>wingo: can we disable declarative modules without editing source files?
<dthompson>the geiser-eval-buffer trick works because the evaluation doesn't do the optimizations that inlined/etc. things, so from there you *can* modify the top-level and things work as expected, generally.
<dthompson>automatically monkey patching modules at runtime isn't feasible, though, for better or worse.
<janneke>dthompson: okay thanks, maybe that's a feature...
<janneke>you can probably do all kinds of ugly things, like filling your own new module using (define thing (@@ (some library module) thing)) and go from there...
<dthompson>having the fancy compiler is a double edged sword. more efficient bytecode, more difficult to modify at runtime.
<ArneBab>You can do cool things at the REPL like ,m (chickadee something) and then debug procedures by replacing them until you get the bug ironed out.
<dthompson>sure, I do that all the time, but there are some pitfalls to be aware of.
<ArneBab>Requiring #:declarative? #f for that was extremely suprising to me — took me hours to find that and making something compatible to both 2.x and 3.0 is pretty hard
<ArneBab>But I guess that would need a topological sort of procedure-dependencies to know all the procs that need to be recompiled after a change.
<janneke>yeah, it would be nice (TM) if (module-define! would throw if it has no effect
<ArneBab>That would also already help a lot, yes. Ideally with an error message that says how to work around that by temporarily giving up some efficiency.
<bjoli>tekakutl`: is that an aztek name? My son just got a book about mythologies around the world, and he forces me to read the aztek part at least once a day. Trying to pronounce the names of the gods makes me feel like I have had a stroke after about halv a page.