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<mwette>rlb: a while ago wingo posted on guile-devel ml that he was targeting C99 (IIRC) as min requirement for guile code
<mwette>or maybe that is for sevan
<apteryx>hi! I think I remember someone explaining how Guile chooses to represent values in backtraces, such as in "(send-files _ _ _ #:recursive? _ #:log-port _)", but can't remember it
<apteryx>why is the #:recursive? keyword argument value shown as '_' here? it'd cost just one character to show the boolean #t or #f instead.
<flatwhatson>i think they got gc'd before the stacktrace?
<apteryx>ah, is this what the underscores mean?
<apteryx>as in, 'unavailable' ?
<samplet>If they are on the stack they are reachable, no?
<RhodiumToad>they may have been discarded or overwritten