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<qookie>is there any nice way to export all procedures defined via define-record-type or do i need to list all of them manually
<rlb>qookie: in the limiting case you could probably write a function to to do it, i.e. if they all had a common prefix, or...: As sibling comments says, GIL mode can run no-GIL code.
<rlb>oops, weird erc paste issue
<RhodiumToad>pretty sure there are some record introspection functions somewhere
<rlb>Should have been a link after the colon:
<rlb>Could also write your own define-record-type wrapper that does the export too I suppose.
<rlb>But I'd say there is some advantage to having an explicit list of exports in the define-module form in most cases, when the list is static, even if it's long.
<rlb>...only have two more uses of string_set_x to excise from guile own algorithms (excepting whatever array-handle is doing -- I can guess, and we may leave that alone for now). Just have to understand xsubstring and xcopy better to finish the removal.
<rlb>...also noticed we have no tests for either in test-suite.
<rlb>I wonder how important they are (shouldn't even use the latter with utf-8) -- perhaps I'll just leave one or both of them alone for now (can always optimize them later).