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<lloda>i think if there's something that requires c11, it's probably unintentional and a fix would be welcome
<lloda>most of guile's code is still clearly pre-c99
<sevan>lloda: understood, just for context, this is the issue
<sneek>wb chrislck :)
<lloda>sevan: noted
<sevan>I'll file a bug report for these, but the call to date in libguile/Makefile for the build timestamp is not portable, -d in gnu date means like format string, but on macos it means the DST value
<sevan>it's non-fatal in that it prints an error about invalid format but build carries on. atleast on ancient osx which is a common theme. The issue applies to more recent macos but haven't tested yet to see if the build breaks.
<sevan>heh, didn't realise there were multiple stages to the build (I'm new). Made it to stage0 and failed :)
<sevan>Making all in stage0 BOOTSTRAP(stage0) GUILEC ice-9/eval.go
<sevan>Pre-boot error; key: wrong-type-arg, args: (#f "Wrong type to apply: ~S" (#f) (#f))/bin/sh: line 1: 16641 Abort trap GUILE_BOOTSTRAP_STAGE=stage0 ../meta/build-env guild compile --target="powerpc-apple-darwin8.11.0" -W0 -O1 -L "/Users/sevan/tmp/guile-3.0.9/module" -o "ice-9/eval.go" "../module/ice-9/eval.scm"
<sevan>looks like I was hitting Guile bug #26854 on the initial stage0 failure. 'mv prebuilt/32-bit-big-endian prebuilt/32-bit-big-endian-broken' and rerunning make has the fans revved up and working away on 'BOOTSTRAP(stage0) GUILEC ice-9/eval.go'
<sevan>What arch is prebuilt/32-bit-big-endian meant to be for?
<sevan>anything 32bit that's big endian?
<RhodiumToad>fwiw, in building guile on freebsd, I also ran into the build date thing
<sevan>on BE arch?
<RhodiumToad>that prebuild/32-bit-big-endian is broken has also been observed on freebsd, and the port just deletes it
<RhodiumToad>I haven't run into the BE problems myself
<RhodiumToad>the other patch I have for freebsd is for gen-scmconfig.c, which doesn't get the size of off_t right on BSDish platforms
<sevan>found this too on my search
<sevan>(there's an explainer at the bottom)
<RhodiumToad>(it doesn't anticipate the possibility that a 32-bit platform might have a 64-bit off_t without needing to define special macros for it)
<sevan>wonder how long it'll take this iMac G5 to generate these go files.
<sevan>w00t, "wrote `ice-9/eval.go'" after almost an hour
<sevan>1 down, 2 more to go?
<sevan>(there's three files in the prefbuilt directory)