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<RhodiumToad>what patches are currently needed for guile-cairo?
<daviid>RhodiumToad: you have worked those out for your distro, iirc
<RhodiumToad>just the stuff about what gets installed where? rather than actual changes to the code
<RhodiumToad>I'm still waiting on getting my guile infrastructure changes committed to freebsd ports, but I was thinking about going ahead and doing g-golf too anyway
<daviid>RhodiumToad: g-golf does not depend on guile-cairo - but i am trying to find the msg i sent with those so you can read
<daviid>RhodiumToad: - Dependencies, Main dependencies
<RhodiumToad>is there some reason why --with-guile-site uses the global site dir not the version-specific one?
<daviid>but users who want to try/run the cairo examples need guile-cairo, patched with at least this patch 'New context->cairo-pointer cairo-pointer->context interfaces'
<RhodiumToad>something I had to do with a lot of guile ports was to patch them to change that, so that packages built for different guile versions didn't conflict
<daviid>RhodiumToad: because g-golf is guileversion agnostic
<daviid>but feel free to install on freebsd in site/3.0
<RhodiumToad>yeah, I understand that, but in prectice it interferes with package building
<daviid>RhodiumToad: but it shouldn't iterfere? .go files will still e installed in the correct guile version ccache
<RhodiumToad>the problem is that the package will contain both the source and the .go files
<RhodiumToad>so two packages whose only difference is being built for different guile versions will try and install the same source files into the same place
<daviid>ah ok, hum - this is a distro limitation, but i understand you 're not gona change that :) - can you patch 'easily' (like guix does) or is it so hard to patch the g-golf 'defaults' with that respect?
<RhodiumToad>haven't looked at it for g-golf yet. the other guile packages it's usually just been a one-line patch
<daviid>RhodiumToad: ok, it should be that easy for g-golf as well
<RhodiumToad>here's the equivalent for guile-lib, for example:
<daviid>RhodiumToad: correction, guile-cairo you need both the above and the following patch - 30da459d7a4380174ff243b1560d5512a4bca86e 'Fixes for pointer->context & context->pointer' [ by daniel ]
<daviid>wrt the last two patches i emails - [ and read the thread ... ] you may skip, but you won't be able to run make check make distchek ....
<RhodiumToad>yeah, I've got that one
<daviid>ok great
<RhodiumToad>ok. thanks, looks like I have all I need.
<daviid>i think so, the patch you wrote for guile-lib should be the one to apply to g-golf
<daviid>and guile-cv if one day you package guile-cv for your distro ...
<daviid>thanks for packaging g-golf on your distro, much appreciated
<daviid>RhodiumToad: oh, i still didn't fix the 4.8.x 4.10.x 'problem' in one of the example
<daviid>but i am heads down to enhance g-golf with full support for templates
<daviid>and support a #:g-param slot option to expose slots as g-properties ...
<daviid>then release 0.8.0-a.5
<daviid>RhodiumToad: i think you lcally patched the example yourself, iirc, so you may provide that 'patched example' in your packaged version of g-gol