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<rekado>a few days ago I was made to write some Python web code with fastapi. The experience was very smooth, mainly because I didn’t have to write as much boilerplate code. I think it would be a great help if the code in the webutils project were part of the Guile web server.
<rekado>it also helped that launching the web server and watching files for changes was handled by a dedicated command line tool
<flatwhatson>rekado: +1 for fleshing out guile's web module, i have some client-side multipart code which would also make sense there
<flatwhatson>not sure how others feel about this but imo the ideal situation would be to also have a mainline json library. JSON/HTTP is ubiquitous and basic api client/server stuff should be available ootb.
<flatwhatson>alternatively, maybe it's worth resuscitating webutils to make a "one stop shop" 3rd party library for this
<daviid>sarna: late to the party, and not a 'mac person', but it seems they use homebrew (?) -
<daviid>ArneBab: wrt your license quiz, no idea - but with the rest of the idea, i think that those functionalities that are 'guix libification(able)' might/should be (1st) moved to guile-lib [ where the license is not a problem (afaict) ] so we can 'prepare', making sure everything is 'ok' ... it could well be that some(most) won't make it to guile 'proper' anyway, but in guile-lib would already greatly improve/augment guile's batteries ...
<daviid>wingo: in guile-gnome, the GuileGTypeClass struct defines last_property_id, here - - but i can't find where that field is initialized. I can see you're using it and increasing it here - - but i can't find where you were intializing it ... if you find a minute to
<daviid>dig in the past :), i'd be happy to see where it gets its 'st value ... tx
<ArneBab>davidl: that sounds good!
<ArneBab>rekado: did you see the REST API stuff I wrote for wispwot?
<ArneBab>rekado: do you think that would be something for web server, too?
<abcdw>wingo: WDYT about adding atomic-box-update! to (ice-9 atomic)? Something like this: I can prepare a patch if it make sense.
<wingo>abcdw: i like it and i use something like it in some project but i wonder if core is the right place for it, given that you might want exponential backoff, yielding, etc
<wingo>daviid: initialized to 0 on line gobject.c:379
<abcdw>wingo: From my experience it is a very often use case for atomics, especially when you try to stick to FP and it feels missing in (ice-9 atomic). IMHO, it should be available out of the box. Let's make a thread and discuss it in the guile-devel?
<wingo>abcdw: another argument :) the proc should take the old value, not the box. this is to avoid an additional atomic-box-ref inside the proc
<wingo>in general i think atomics are good building blocks but you always have to wrap them in a library before exposing them to a user
<abcdw>wingo: PROC already takes the old value, not the box :) or you mean something different?
<wingo>ah i had just read the docs :)
<wingo>which specify that proc is called on the box
<abcdw>wingo: my bad :)
<cow_2001>i have a one file script. it has a main procedure which i call using #!/usr/bin/env -S guile -e main -s. there is also a define-module defining the file as a module. i've tried adding #:export (main) to it. it still cannot find main.
<cow_2001>running it using ./clipboard-speaker.scm
<cow_2001>when i remove the define-module, it works as expected
<cow_2001>oh wait
<wingo>is it a missing !#
<cow_2001>-e '(@ (clipboard-speaker) main)' works!
<wingo>ah yes :)
<cow_2001>thank you
<cow_2001>you squeaky rubber ducks
<wingo>quack quack
<wingo>erryday be FAIL: net-db.test: getaddrinfo: no name
<wingo>otoh i am grateful that threads.test hasn't hung for me in the last few years
<wingo>used to do that all the time :P
<cow_2001>okay, spawn is a thousand times better than open-pipe*
<cow_2001>from a dumb user point of view, that is
<cow_2001>only weird thing is that it wants the name of the program twice, but i guess the second one is lenient? it's just what passes as the program's argv[0].
<Arsen>that depends on the program :)
<wingo>for example, busybox :)
<ArneBab>cow_2001: you can simplify that to -e '(clipboard-speaker)' — the (@ ... main) is implicit then.
<cow_2001>ArneBab: thank you
<daviid>wingo: ah, thanks
<wingo>good evening
<sarna>thanks daviid, I'm currently using guile from brew. there's also a macports port in progress at
<sarna>I still failed to install hall, though. I installed vmware and got guix working on a debian vm - yay! but it's so alien I think I'll skip :/
<morenonatural>hello there
<morenonatural>I keep getting compilation error for short executables scrips and I dunno where to start looking
<morenonatural>;;; WARNING compilation of something.scm
<morenonatural>;;; in procedur load-thunk-from-memory: not an ELF file
<morenonatural>I do try to run a script using `env -S GUILE_LOAD_PATH=... guile-3.0 -e main -s `
<morenonatural>even so
<morenonatural>it "gets stuck" and will print that warning even when I empty the file and run it as `guile-3.0 something.scm`
<RhodiumToad>do you have something dodgy in one of the ccache dirs that matches that filename?
<rlb>Not sure what that suggests offhand, but suppose you could try deleting the cache on the off chance something's broken there (disk fileed up or...). i.e. likely rm -rf ~/.cache/guile/ccache
<rlb>Oh hah.
<rlb>(unless you've changed your XDG_CACHE_DIR)
<morenonatural>deleting the .go file in cache makes it go away
<RhodiumToad>there you go(sic)
<RhodiumToad>the .go file was obviously broken in some way
<morenonatural>although I would like to understand why I'm getting a broken .go file... maybe not worth the effort?
<rlb>(need better cosmic ray shielding...)
<RhodiumToad>surprised it didn't get overwritten by a successful compile though
<RhodiumToad>was the file 0 length, or not?
<dsmith>If that ever happens again, you can take a look at the .go file with readelf. That might give more info on how it was broken.
<dsmith>Or even tell you if it was an elf file at all.
<dsmith>Also the `file` command might be maginally useful too.
<morenonatural>thanks y'all