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<Kolev>I tried changing the icon, but the icon `about-symbolic` was not found.
<daviid>Kolev: this has nothing to do with g-golf, it has to do with gtk's facility for loading themed icons ... i am afraid you're gona have to invest and learn quite a lot more about 'this all thing' works, gtk-4, libadwaita ...
<daviid>Kolev: wrt icons and icon themes, here, and
<ArneBab>Kolev: I do it like old, but only for larger scripts — 10 liners stay bash, because I like piping and simple for loops.
<dalepsmith>sneek, botsnack
<pukkamustard>hooray for the new custom ports!
<dalepsmith>wingo: Just saw your latest blog. So doing any Rust lately?
<dalepsmith>The Cobra ( You probably need to do the identify with nickserv dance. Your posts are not showing up in #guile
<wingo>dalepsmith: personally no but it is a nice language :)