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<daviid>Kolev: you'll have to ask for help in #guix or on a guix user ML - i do not use guix
<daviid>Kolev: fwiw, it was recently reported on guile-user that it currently won't work, here -
<daviid>Kolev: you are good on fedora, run the very latest g-golf and this peg-solitaire bug, just a bit of patience, i am very interested to try to solve it ofc, but debuggoing segfault i can't reproduce is prob the most difficult bug to debug :):)
<daviid>Kolev: wrt your ui and xml files quiz, you may already use xml ui files, see the revealer.scm example - what i am working on is to provide support for template -
<daviid>it's unfortunate fedora didn't port the gtk-4-examples package, lack of hr i suppose
<daviid>Kolev: wrt geiser, here - - worth installing and using, as your are an emacs user already, it will greatly improve your guile related project(s) development experience, at least i hope so, it does for most of us here ... and in case of problem/quiz, you may ask for help here or in #geiser
<Kolev>daviid: inatall from ELPA?
<daviid>Kolev: i would follow the geiser author recommendatiuons, here -
<Kolev>daviid: ok
<BitPuffin>taw10: makes sense
<BitPuffin>though I wonder why it isn't on the path by default
<cow_2001>`guix install guile gnutls guile-gnutls` is making weird errors
<cow_2001>i mean, not the command itself, but this setup
<cow_2001>why am i asking here? i should ask on guix
<rlb>Hmm, anyone know how and/or why tests run via ./check-guile have (at least) their current-error-port encoding set to ASCII?
<rlb>Or more specifically why say (at least) ./check-guile rdelim.test does?
<Kolev>daviid, I'm wanting to install G-Golf on my other laptop. What should I do now that you've been tackling the bugs?
<RhodiumToad> GUILE_VERSION=`($GUILE_CONFIG --version 2>&1; echo '')|sed 's/guile-config [^0-9]* \([0-9][0-9.]*\)$/\1/'`
<dalepsmith>sneek: botsnack