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<rlb>wingo: oh, I guess it was your question wrt my 3.2 vs utf-8 comments above, and just found what I did wrt compile-cps (think you may have pointed me in the right direction a bit back). I just commented out the string-ref primcall converter for the moment.
<mirai>RhodiumToad: okay, but how can I have it insert an empty list (without the quote being stripped away?)
<mirai>(datum->syntax #f '()) doesn't do
<RhodiumToad>#'(quote ()) seems ok
<rlb>...that was supposed to be ds<tab> to see if dsmith was back.
<sneek>dsmith: Greetings!!
<dsmith>sneek, botsnack
<dsmith>rlb, Yeah, am around. Somewhat
<rlb>...just noticed your python question, and yeah, there was at least one hard-crash bug johill and I found (think originally discovered when I added randomized byte path arg tests to bup) -- back and forth between python and glibc, and eventually python just worked around it. I *think* cpython may finally handle things mostly right (integrity-wise), though may do so in some odd ways...
<rlb>For one thing, it "smuggles" binary data through unicode strings via the reserved surrogates.
<rlb>inefficient for bulk work, but at least doesn't mangle anymore (I think)
<rlb>(there one of them is/was:
<old>so I've been using Guile for 2-3 years now and I love. But I wonder if I should take the step to learn other lispy language. ofc there's emacs-lisp, but other than that
<old>is it worth it to learn an other scheme like racket? Perhaps a CommonLisp instead of Scheme?
<RhodiumToad>another scheme should be pretty similar
<old>so in that respect, I would not learn much by using another Scheme
<RhodiumToad>if you want to try another lisp dialect, go for a lisp-2 (scheme is a lisp-1)
<old>okay so something like CommonLisp
<rlb>old: I suppose clojure might be interesting wrt, for example, persistent data structures, its concurrency mechanisms and sequence abstraction...
<mwette>or check out SML or Haskell
<rlb>Hah, fair enough, if we're moving past "lispy".
<mwette>if you want to learn Common Lisp the Paul Graham books are good
<rlb>I liked Sonya Keene's (I think it was?) book on CLOS too -- and I think some of the general domain applies to goops.
<mirai>how can I compare a syntax object? neither eq? eqv? or equal? seem to work <>
<jpoiret>mirai: you probably want to compare the underlying data instead, using syntax->datum
<jpoiret>syntax has additional stuff in it like source properties that will probably interfere with comparison
<jpoiret>I have the feeling you shouldn't try to do it either way though, it might be too fragile
<old>mwette: not sure about none lisp language
<old>why would a guile xtension be installed under the extensions directory instead of just the lib directory of the system?
<RhodiumToad>the most important reason is that so you can install the extension for two different guile versions at once
<RhodiumToad>ACTION rather peeved at extensions that ignore this rule
<old>ah okay
<RhodiumToad>ACTION looks angrily at guile-cairo
<old>but say I make a library and also making some guile bindings
<old>it is okay for me to just install the library under the system lib directory
<RhodiumToad>only if the library doesn't contain the guile bindings
<old>all bindings are dynamically generated with the foreign function interface in scheme
<old>so I guess that's okay
<RhodiumToad>if it's a library with ordinary C entry points and which doesn't need to link against guile itself, yup
<old>okay awesome thanks
<cow_2001>any good books on cs anyone should know? something handsony about algorithms and data structures? my math sucks butts.
<daviid>RhodiumToad: i'll try to find some time to patch my guile-cairo patch, but it was essential (imo) to remove the hard coded path, so make check and make distcheck pass - this said, i agree that these 'old' libs, linking against guile itself, should install in GUILE_EXTENSION - feel free to patch the patch yourself, but if you do so, please do not re-introduce a hard coded path ... make sure it 'listens' to pre-inst-env and that make
<daviid>check make distcheck works ...
<RhodiumToad>daviid: which hard-coded path specifically?
<RhodiumToad>what I did to make it work on freebsd with multiple versions is this:
<RhodiumToad>CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--includedir='$${prefix}/include/guile/${GUILE_VER}' --libdir='$${prefix}/lib/guile/${GUILE_VER}/extensions'
<RhodiumToad>and patch some files to have objdir=$(exec_prefix)/lib/ in place of objdir=$(libdir)
<RhodiumToad>oh, and added an rpath to the .pc file
<RhodiumToad>the result works with both g-golf and the old guile-gnome
<RhodiumToad>(that version of the port is not committed yet, since it's tied up with a whole pile of other work to make concurrent guile version installs work)
<daviid>RhodiumToad: ok, i don't have time to look at this now, wrt the (previously) hard coded path, just look at the branch before or at the patch itself ...
<daviid>RhodiumToad: lloda did not commit it precisely because he also wish to patch the patch ...
<daviid>RhodiumToad: are you still using guile-gnome? just curious
<RhodiumToad>only for toys
<RhodiumToad>if I can get the guile versions stuff committed to freebsd ports, next up will be to make a port for g-golf and/or guile-gi, and at that point I'll abandon the guile-gnome port
<daviid>RhodiumToad: great!
<daviid>RhodiumToad: you need to patch guile itself for freebsd? also just curious
<RhodiumToad>couple of build fixes and one wrong choice of type
<RhodiumToad>oh, and picking up the latest commits so that spawn works
<RhodiumToad>the build fixes are: freebsd sed doesn't accept -i without an argument, freebsd date doesn't accept the same options as GNU date
<RhodiumToad>the incorrect type choice is scm_off_t gets the wrong type on 32-bit platforms
<RhodiumToad>(freebsd doesn't have the disgusting largefiles shit, off_t is always 64 bits, and gen-scmconfig.c doesn't expect that)
<daviid>RhodiumToad: oh ok
<rgherdt>is there a way to capture the warnings issued from `compile-file` into a variable? Tried parameterizing current-output-port and current-error-port without success
<RhodiumToad>current-warning-port ?
<rgherdt>perfect!! Thx a lot