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<cow_2001>old yes O_O it's a lot like jupyter
<flatwhatson>rekado: your site's cert has expired and is configured for HSTS which my browser from ignoring & connecting anyway
<flatwhatson>(i live in the future at GMT+10, it hasn't expired in the US yet)
<flatwhatson>* which prevents my browser
<jpoiret>flatwhatson: are expiration dates not in UTC?
<flatwhatson>right you are! that does make more sense.
<mirai>is integrating something like guile-fibers into guile itself plausible?
<dthompson>mirai: if it became widely used/stable enough
<dthompson>some major projects rely on it but there are still some rough edges
<ArneBab>I also already use it, and I would like it integrated in Guile to avoid the compile step of the fibers library.
<ArneBab>but yes, it’s not yet fully intuitive to use
<haugh>it will be interesting to see how Goblins (built on fibers) handles parallel development with fibers
<mirai>dthompson: it looks like it would be useful for improving things like the (web ...) module
<dthompson>yeah definitely
<wingo>i think it is funny that pretty-print.scm is weirdly formatted
<dthompson>it's poetic in a way
<civodul>wingo: hey, what are you doing on pretty-print.scm?
<civodul>(guix read-print) includes a prettier printer, we should join forces