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<RhodiumToad>hmm. is there any way to have the code for modules (mylib foo) and (mylib bar) be in different subdirs, other than adding two separate entries to the load path?
<flatwhatson>i don't think so. load-path is needed to map modules to files, how would it find files not on the load-path?
<flatwhatson>also, why? :)
<RhodiumToad>the "why" is easy: because git subtree
<RhodiumToad>i.e. (mylib foo) and (mylib bar) might be separate projects
<RhodiumToad>I don't think you understood the question though
<RhodiumToad>right now, (mylib foo) looks for mylib/foo.scm on the load path, and (mylib bar) looks for mylib/bar.scm
<RhodiumToad>if (mylib foo) could look for mylib/foo/_module.scm or something like that as well, then the foo and bar modules could live in different subdirs without needing multiple load-path entries
<flatwhatson>if they're separate repositories (regardless of nesting), what's wrong with multiple load-path entries?
<flatwhatson>i don't see how mylib/foo/_module.scm would help resolve (mylib bar)?
<flatwhatson>but it seems you're suggesting some change to how guile loads modules vs. how it actually works
<flatwhatson>you could have a top-level module which modifies load-path before loading its subtree dependencies, if you only want users to configure a single load-path entry
<flatwhatson>(maybe that's what you're getting at with _modules.scm?)
<RhodiumToad>let me try another example
<RhodiumToad>module (foo) is its own project, with ./foo.scm and also ./foo/fred.scm ./foo/jim.scm etc.
<RhodiumToad>it needs to reference (mylib bar) and (mylib baz) which are two separate small projects, that I want to incorporate using git subtree
<RhodiumToad>using ./mylib/ doesn't work because then mylib/bar.scm and mylib/baz.scm are in the same subtree
<iyzsong>make another directory 'foo' and symlink files into it will work?
<RhodiumToad>possible but a bit messy.
<flatwhatson>anything other than adding them properly to load-path will be messy
<flatwhatson>this is what pre-inst-env or similar "environment setup" scripts are for
<flatwhatson>(and yes that's arguably messy too, but at least it's conventional)
<flatwhatson>presumably if your module is *installed*, it should look for its deps normally on load-path (because they'll be installed too)
<flatwhatson>so you just want a more convenient way to load those deps from your dev tree during development, and that's what env setup tools are for
<flatwhatson>i normally use direnv with a simple .envrc that sets GUILE_LOAD_PATH appropriately
<RhodiumToad>hmm. is there a good way to input a symbol whose name is "foo:" (without the quotes) while postfix keywords are enabled?
<RhodiumToad>other than doing #{foo:}#
<sneek>wb dsmith!
<dsmith>You can have multiple mylibs:
<dsmith>sneek, botsnack
<sneek>I've been serving for 24 days
<sneek>This system has been up 6 weeks, 2 days, 1 hour, 30 minutes
<dsmith>Just need to add both dirs to the guile load path
<dsmith>RhodiumToad, ^^