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<RhodiumToad>(string-drop str (or (and=> (string-index str #\:) 1+) 0))
<daviid>string-index will retur #f if no sep ...
<RhodiumToad>hence the or
<daviid>from a design pov, i prefer my version, which does not call string-drop if there is no need to ... but as you wish of course
<daviid>maybe it's also possible to use cut instead of lambda (index) ...)
<daviid>but i'm not a cut guy :):)
<daviid>and from a reader persec, my approach makes it lisible that you return the original str if no prefix ... not 'as clear' in the other solution, imo
<daviid>i thought doing this (cut string-drop str (1+ <>)), but we can't (?)
<avp>Hello Guilers! Guile-PNG 0.4.1 with grayscale image filter and bugfixes is out:
<wingo>avp: nice :)
<wingo>ACTION looks at
<avp>wingo: Thanks for Guile-Fibers, by the way! I'm currently learning Fibers by applying it to one of my projects.
<ArneBab>avp: good luck! the tries I did worked out pretty well, but I did need some time to get it right.