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<lechner>Hi, when using Nyacc's FFI generator, how may I free memory malloc'ed by the shared library, please?
<cow_2001>what is the one best way of doing command line options and arguments stuff?
<cow_2001>i have been mucking around with guile-config and i don't even know if it's worth it
<old>cow_2001: srfi-37
<cow_2001>oh gourd
<old>is there a way to make statprof work with abort-to-prompt?
<old>eh I see that statprof works with a parameter for a TLS state. Which is problematic in my case
<old>this can be fixed by using thread local fluid instead
<rekado>cow_2001: I like guile-config because it’s declarative.
<rekado>that alone is worth it to me.
<cow_2001>rekado: do you have any public code thoroughly using it?
<cow_2001>rekado: the docs is lacking
<cow_2001>doesn't show on the guix site the packages that depend on guile-config
<old>cow_2001: guix graph --type=reverse-package guile-config
<old>it gives: guile-proba, guile-hall, guile-lens
<old>I would stick to srfi-37 though. I don't like adding dependencies for something trivial like command line parsing
<old>but that's my personal choice
<rekado>gwl uses it
<cow_2001>old: thank you
<cow_2001>rekado: and you