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<dsmith_>sneek, botsnack
<sneek>Welcome back dsmith_!
<dsmith_>sneek, botsnack
<cow_2001>wingo: 無
<lloda>wingo: do you remember what's the '10' in jit.c:add_pending_reloc() ?
<wingo>lloda: i think it is an initial size. the buffer doubles as needed but doubling zero is zero
<lloda>oh ok
<lloda>i found a couple 10s that should be SCM_GSUBR_MAX, but i couldn't tell about that
<wingo>might as well have done size = size * 2 + 10, would be more normal :P
<lloda>right :-)
<chrislck>anyone found that adding & using (ice-9 match) makes compilation quite a bit slower?
<mwette>I think it depends how many cases you have. I'm guessing the CPS macro style can generate deep scoping. I have had cases where sxml-match took a long time to compile and then crashed. I fixed by breaking it up into multiple matches by making the last case "anything else" => call next sxml-match procedure.
<wingo>ice-9 match should compile in a more intelligent way in the front-end; we should do like racket does
<rekado>does anyone here know of libusb bindings for Guile?
<RhodiumToad>FFI is your friend
<rekado>is “friend” the first or the second F in FFI?
<civodul>maybe that's a job for nyacc?
<civodul>ACTION looks at mwette