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<ArneBab>bsima: I use guile-sdl2 via chickadee (by dthompson)
<bsima>dthompson: Pre-boot error; key: misc-error, args: ("load-thunk-from-memory" "not an ELF file" () #f)make[2]: *** [Makefile:821: stamp-agtexi] Aborted (core dumped)
<bsima>this is from the nixpkgs build
<bsima>i have a rather custom nixpkgs setup so this is probably my fault
<bsima>thanks for confirming that it works with guile 3.0
<dthompson>bsima: looks like a toolchain issue but I couldn't say what the issue is...
<bsima>yeah i think the 'autogen' package is actually the one breaking? idk what autogen is but i'm gonna try updating my nixpkgs version and see if that magically fixes it
<sneek>dsmith: Greetings :)
<taw10>Is there a way to distinguish between two foreign object types from C in a Guile extension? I'm implementing one procedure in C, which I want to work with two foreign object types (both of which I define)
<taw10>There's scm_assert_foreign_object_type, but I don't want an error to be signalled if the answer is no
<mwette>assert_foreign_object_type calls the macro SCM_IS_A_P(obj,type)
<taw10>Thanks, that works (despite not being documented)