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<rekado>there’s obviously a bug there when going from one month to the next
<dokma>How do I list the context when debugging? Something like l in gdb?
<lloda>there's ,locals, but it's not very useful unfortunately
<dsmith>rekado, I think that bug surfaced about the time when the year changed to 2023
<dsmith>rekado, And thanks for your service, BTW!
<old>dokma: I don't think there's such possibility right now. That would require the .debug_line program in DWARF section of the ELF program I think
<old>there's been discussion for a workgroup to make a debugger in Guile
<old>I for one would pay for that feature
<old>having the ability to list like in GDB would be such a breeze while single-stepping
<dokma>old: strange... if I recall correctly, while I'm stepping it's showing me the line the debugger is on...
<sneek>ACTION yawns
<old>dokma: In guile? I've never had that
<old>would like to see that
<sneek>Yey! dsmith is back :)
<dsmith>sneek, botsnack
<sneek>ACTION blinks
<sneek>ACTION yawns
<sneek>.oO( eh? )
<dokma>lloda, old: how do you guys debug guile then? It seems hugely impaired without the ability to see where I am in code?
<dsmith>dokma: usually with pk or just evaluating things in a repl or emacs/geiser
<dokma>dsmith: what is pk?
<dokma>those 341:2, 342:27, 343:33 correspond precisely to the source code lines inside getopt-long.scm
<old>dokma: that's a frame on the stack
<old>listing would point where in the file you're
<old>I usually use pk and also
<old>dokma: try peek or pk: (pk 'foo 'bar' 'buz)
<old>Not the best way of doing programmation, but it get the job done most of the time
<dokma>old: 341:2 means line 342 and probably column 2
<dokma>it corresponds precisely to the source code lines inside getopt-long.scm
<old>yes I know. my point is that in GDB you can do `list' to have the source code where you're printed
<old>what you have is the location in the source, not the source itself
<dokma>old: is there a way to set a breakpoint by the source code line?
<old>,break-at-source FILE LINE
<old>never used it though
<old>don't know if it works
<old>seems to work
<dokma> ,break-at-source /usr/share/guile/3.0/ice-9/getopt-long.scm 353
<dokma>While executing meta-command:
<dokma>No procedures found at ~a:~a. "/usr/share/guile/3.0/ice-9/getopt-long.scm" 353
<old>,break-at-source ice-9/
<old>(map 1+ (iota 10))
<old>Trap1: BVreakpoiont at ice-9/boot-9.scm:3241
<dokma>ohhh, I see
<old>eeh sorry
<old>,break-at-source ice-9/ 3241
<old>no :
<dokma>,break-at-source ice-9/getopt-long.scm 353While executing meta-command:
<dokma>No procedures found at ~a:~a. "ice-9/getopt-long.scm" 353
<old>i got the same thing here
<old>yet, line 353 is inside getopt-long
<dokma>list-procedure ??
<old>you need to (use-modules (ice-9 getopt-long)) before
<old>then it works
<dokma>I did
<dokma>scheme@(guile-user)> (use-modules (ice-9 getopt-long))
<dokma>scheme@(guile-user)> ,break-at-source ice-9/getopt-long.scm 353
<dokma>While executing meta-command:
<dokma>No procedures found at ~a:~a. "ice-9/getopt-long.scm" 353
<dokma>I hope I'm not pasting too much
<old>well our version msut differ then
<old>try ,break getopt-long
<dokma>that works
<dokma>scheme@(guile-user)> (version)
<dokma>$1 = "3.0.5"
<old>mwette: look nice ! Is it possible to just copy this in my ~/.guile?
<old>dokma: You would need perhaps to open the getopt-long.scm manually to see where the procedure is located
<old>line 353 seems to not be anything in your version
<dokma>353 is smack in the middle of getopt-long
<old>hmm weird
<dokma>(and (option-spec->required? spec)
<dokma>That is 353 for me
<dokma>old: (version) ==
<old>I can't tell why you havve this behavior
<dokma>I'm on 3.0.5
<dokma>Anyone got an idea why this would fail:
<dokma>(use-modules (ice-9 getopt-long))
<dokma>(getopt-long '("--database") '((database (single-char #\d) (value #t) (required? #t))))
<dokma>Even this: (getopt-long '("--database=path") '((database (single-char #\d) (value #t) (required? #t))))
<old>you're missing argv[0] in it
<old>usually program have their first argument as the name of the program
<old>try: (getopt-long '("program" "--database=path") '((database (single-char #\d) (value #t) (required? #t))))
<dokma>old: damn, now it works... chatgpt told me I don't need argv[0]
<old>well a program that assume argv[0] is always present is indeed wrong
<old>it's possible for argc == 0
<old>but IRC, so many program relies on this behavior now that you can always assume that argc >= 1
<old>where agrv[0] is always the name of the program
<dokma>never checked
<old>don't listen to that bot :-)
<dsmith>Things spawned from a shell probably always have argv[0] correct. Prob the only way to not have argv[0] is to directly call exec specifically without it.
<old>dsmith: true
<old>but there's absolutely nothing in any standard stipulating argv[0] must be set
<old>it's not documented in any API/ABI
<old>but see this for a fun story:
<unmatched-paren> <- in this SYNTAX-CASE macro, how would I make PARAM-NAME expand to %foo instead of %foo-(pseudorandom-jumble)?
<dokma>Is this:
<dokma>SCM arguments = SCM_EOL;
<dokma>scm_c_define("arguments", arguments);
<dokma>equivalent to this:
<dokma>SCM arguments = scm_c_eval_string("(define arguments '()) arguments")
<unmatched-paren>ACTION has never used libguile but is quite surprised that the '() object is called SCM_EOL rather than SCM_NULL or SCM_NIL
<count3rmeasure>hey all, I have a license question! I see that guile itself is LGPL, but my code depends on the guile libraries bundled with GDB, which would make them (the modules) subject to the GPL, right?
<count3rmeasure>thus any work that I release would have to be subject to the GPL as well? rather than the LGPL?
<dokma>count3rmeasure: did you check license tldr?
<dokma>or rather, tldrlegal
<unmatched-paren>okay, i got it working :)
<count3rmeasure>not really sure what that means dokma
<daviid>count3rmeasure: i woukd ask in #gnu and/or #fsf
<count3rmeasure>I've read the license, and the COPYING3.LIB in binutils source directory, which seems to me to say that, yes, my work would be necessity be GPL3
<count3rmeasure>word! thank you daviid!
<count3rmeasure>in case anyone has similar questions in the future, a kind soul on #gnu noted that there FSF has an email account specifically for answering these questions
<Arsen>count3rmeasure: you might be well served by #gdb
<count3rmeasure>thank you Arsen
<dsmith>old, I was trying to see if I can get argc to be 0. Haven't been able to.
<dsmith>For example: