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<daviid>lloda: not really necessary, but i suggest we rename env[.in] -> pre-inst-env[.in], wdyt?
<daviid>lloda: in guile-cairo that is ...
<daviid>lloda: also, the EXTRA_DIST target has ... and build-aux/git-version-gen, but none of those should (need to) be distributed, wdyt?
<daviid>lloda: did make distcheck worked for you? after my changes, make and make check are fine, but make distcheck fails with *** No rule to make target 'vector-types.scm', needed by 'all-am'. Stop. - does this sounds familiar to you?
<daviid>lloda: it is definitely one of my changes that introduces the make distcheck problem, so i am on it, no need for you to do anything for now ...
<cow_2001>where are the mathematical constants like tau and e? i could (define TAU (* 4 (acos 0)) and (define E (exp 1))
<cow_2001>but that's a bit weird
<mirai>what's the difference between throw and raise?
<xelxebar>Is there a wrapper package that provides `cc'? It's mildly annoying that I keep having to edit upstream Makefiles just to build stuff.
<ekaitz>xelxebar: what do you mean? `CC=whatever make` doesn't work?
<xelxebar>ekaitz: Not if the makefile does `CC=cc` or whatever.
<cow_2001>i am worried about these coding neural networks and whatnot
<xelxebar>Have to supply CC as an *argument*, like `make CC=<override>`.
<ekaitz>xelxebar: normally they do something like CC:=cc which doesn't set the CC var if it's already set from outside
<ekaitz>if they are not done like that they are *poorly coded* :)
<xelxebar>ekaitz: I keep running into projects that do `CC=cc`, ignoring envars.
<ekaitz>xelxebar: report upstream then, be stubborn! how can they learn if you dont?
<xelxebar>ekaitz: Because I have limited time. Already spend 10+ hours a week submitting bug reports, PRs, etc. to random projects I use.
<ekaitz>xelxebar: I feel your pain :(
<xelxebar>ACTION smiles wryly
<cow_2001>sicp list->tree exercise.
<cow_2001>rip free software. it's all (c) gpt from now on forever
<hwpplayer1> Can we add categories for libraries ? Thus it will be easier to navigate it
<rekado>hwpplayer1: the list is generated from whatever packages there are in Guix that use Guile.
<rekado>there is no category information in Guix
<hwpplayer1>Can we implement that feature ?
<pinoaffe>not without a significant increase in required maintenance effort
<daviid>sneek: guile-software?
<sneek>From what I understand, guile-software is
<daviid>hwpplayer1: ^^ fwiw
<hwpplayer1>daviid what do you point to read ?
<hwpplayer1> right ?
<hwpplayer1>So then how to categorize it ?