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<stis>I just asked chat gpt about the fatstest way to change byte order, got a perfect answer
<stis>My question: what's the fastest way on a modern cpu to handle endian conversions
<flatwhatson>and then the AI decided stis was a naughty hacker and deleted them
<daviid`>and after that, the ai did steel flatwhatson's irc identity to write the above, and now we're lost - who's who?
<daviid`>ACTION pushed the animated-paintable example [ g-golf devel branch - this exmple, as for the simple-paintable, needs a patched version of guile-cairo ]
<wingo>meep meep
<kreyren2>meepo mains invaded guile?
<kreyren2>waiting for videos of programming 5 things at once
<haugh>When I remove a use-modules or #:use-module, write the file, and recompile with ,re MODULE, I don't see errors caused by that missing dependency. If I restart my REPL and run the same command, I get the errors. What's going on? I'm on an older Guile at the moment.
<lloda>i'll check those patches asap daviid`
<mirai>What's wrong with this Macro toy example I wrote? <>
<mirai>why does it never hit the cases 1,2 and 3, but only the bottom ASLIST case?
<mwette>mirai: try (define-syntax define-demo ... #'(demo ...
<mwette>oh, or maybe not
<sneek>Welcome back dsmith!
<dsmith>Hey hey!
<sneek>dsmith, you have 2 messages!
<sneek>dsmith, daviid says: any news about the guile-cairo 'official' paches? one with the code and a test, then one with the doc update ... lloda confirmed here (if you didn't see his message in this channel) that he has a machine on which he can rebuild the doc ... tx
<sneek>dsmith, daviid says: i think you have been 'trapped' in other tasks, so i went ahead and prepared/sent a mail to guile-user with 3 attached guile-cairo patch
<dsmith>sneek: botsnack
<dsmith>sneek: later tell daviid Ya new job other real-life stuff. Saw the patches on the ML.
<hugo->Is there any trick to get Guile's code coverage to actually work?
<hugo->It feels like it only works when it feels like it
<old>how can I avoid the warning about fork with multi-threading?
<old>I know what I'm doing and that warning is really anoyting
<old>the manual says to use the new `spawn' procedure, but I need to able to support Guile before 3.0.9
<old>(parameterize ((current-warning-port (%makd-void-port "w"))) ...) seems to do it
<daviid>lloda: [ i have been w/t internet for about the last 15h or so ... ] thanks, let me know ...
<sneek>daviid, you have 1 message!
<sneek>daviid, dsmith says: Ya new job other real-life stuff. Saw the patches on the ML.
<daviid>dsmith: ok great, if you did write the additional doc, please post it on the ML as well, answering my post for example ... tx
<daviid>dsmith: congrat for the new job!
<old>eeh actually it hang child if I redirect the warning port