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<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<stis>Hello guilers!
<stis>what's the news!
<gnucode>stis: I managed to see a blackhole first hand, and somehow managed to escape with my life. As a result, I am superhuman and can cure pretty much every disease. But I also saw an entire civilization get sucked into said black now I am really despressed... :(
<gnucode>the net effect is that I feel eh...
<stis>I gravitate to a mor mundane approach in life though, .... like coding :-)
<stis>gnucode: ^^
<gnucode>stis: haha! Probably makes for a more calmer life. :)
<stis>Right now I am liberizing my fast printf toolboc I have in C,
<stis>It was connected to guiler, but be put in a broader light and used by guile if it want's
<stis>If you ever want to use write in guile that is 20X faster then whats comes in the box that's the tool to use
<stis>like serializing scheme data structures in a readable format ...
<stis>like what you literly get by using scheme write.
<daviid`>ACTION ported the gtk4-demo animated-paintable example to g-golf - fun! will push soon ...