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<daviid>sneek: seen dsmith
<sneek>dsmith was last seen in #guile 4 days ago, saying: Ahh, as mwette already said.
<daviid>lloda: i just posted a mail to guile-user with 3 attached guile-cairo patches
<daviid>sneek: later tell dsmith i think you have been 'trapped' in other tasks, so i went ahead and prepared/sent a mail to guile-user with 3 attached guile-cairo patch
<jlicht>Would anybody happen to have an Autotools incantation to support cross-compiling guile programs using the standard `./configure' knobs?
<jlicht>I see guix has some custom code for this, and all other guile-based packages just don't seem to currently support this at all
<lilyp>jlicht: you need a variant of in your, but that's about it
<mwette>wingo: fixes for assembly instruction descriptions, correct?
<mwette>wingo: and thanks for being so good with documenting these details
<jlicht>lilyp: thank you so much :-)!
<rekado>why does current-filename return #f when loading a source file?
<rekado>in the GWL I have a really ugly kludge for providing an alternative for current-filename so that workflow files can include other files relative to them
<civodul>rekado: not sure; do you use primitive-load, load, or something else?
<rekado>civodul: yes, I use load so that I can provide a user module, provide compilation settings, and override current-language (to support wisp).