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<sneek>dsmith: Greetings :D
<dsmith>sneek, botnack
<dsmith>sneek, botsnack
<dsmith>m4? I've seen it used with an X11 schematic/CAD program.
<dsmith>Also, (shudders) sendmail
<dsmith>Back-in-the-day Motorola has some DOS 688K assemblers with no macro capability. I used m4 nicely with those.
<dsmith>M4 has diversions! CPP doesn't. Guile needs to make a separate CPP snarfing pass because no diversions.
<lilyp>clearly we should reimplement our preprocessor macros in m4
<manumanumanu>old: btw, alex shinns old fmt thingie contains a c formatter. It can probably be ported to srfi-166 quite easily. SRFI-166 is, in my opinion, probably the future of string formatting for scheme
<manumanumanu>although currently it is less than half as fast as format, but that could be fixed with something akin to compiler macros. There is one implementation basen on generators I believe, and it would be nice to see if that is any faster on guile.
<dsmith>lilyp, Hah!
<mwette>manumanumanu: it allows one to create custom formatters? Say, format floats in hex format : 0x0.FFFFp1
<old>manumanumanu: srfi-166 looks nice, but I don't think that it it what I'm looking for
<old>here's a templated Makefile that I did waayyyy back for a project:
<old>and an ininitalization routine in C auto-generated:
<old>See how the main language is text and you call to Scheme when you need dynamic text