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<daviid>is an excellent example to study ...
<elevenkb>thanks daviid
<daviid>np! keep asking here if you have any difficulties ...
<daviid>sneek: goops?
<daviid>sneek: goops-tutorial?
<sneek>Its been said that goops-tutorial is
<daviid>elevenkb: ^^ as well
<daviid>a good start
<elevenkb>good night y'all's
<ArneBab>sneek: seen ludovic
<sneek>Sorry, haven't seem 'em.
<ArneBab>sneek: seen ludovico
<ArneBab>sneek: seen civodul
<sneek>civodul was last seen in #spritely 2 hours and 4 minutes ago, saying: cwebber hinted at this a couple of years ago, and tsyesika had good ideas too.
<ArneBab>sneek: later tell civodul: is it OK if I create a WIP branch in the guile repo for different multi-language handling (i.e. being able to import elisp-code from Guile without adding -x to the commandline)?
<sneek>Will do.
<ArneBab>sneek: botsnack
<lloda>morning wingo
<lloda>wdyt of ? does it make sense? where would one have to poke in Guile to do it?
<lloda>hmm module/language/tree-il/peval.scm:1524
<manumanumanu>Hi guilers!
<manumanumanu>This is the first time since last time I wrote here that I have actually used a computer.
<manumanumanu>two months? maybe.
<lloda>welcome back manumanumanu
<manumanumanu>thank you. If I do get the time I will probably make sure to finnish that patch that allows for defines in expression context :)
<lloda>(match tree
<lloda>i think that every (begin ...) in expr context should be like (let () ...)
<lloda>like you shouldn't even have to write (let () ...)
<lloda>but idk if this has been discussed in the scheme bodies. Maybe it's a dumb idea
<manumanumanu>I think the standard never really got over the r5rs mistake of specifying bodies using letrec, instead of letrec*. As it is now in guile, I don't know if begin outside the classical definition context is spliced. That should be specified first :)
<lloda>does match $ work with structs? tree-il.scm does stuff like (match tree (($ <call> ...) ...) ...) but
<lloda>if i do (define tree (compile '((lambda () 0)) #:from 'scheme #:to 'tree-il))
<lloda>then although (call? tree) => #t
<lloda>(match tree (($ <call> src proc args) #t)) => match-error (??)
<cwebber>good morning
<cow_2001>oh. (let ((let list)) (let 1 2 3))
<wingo>lloda: absolutely makes sense; peval is the place to do it
<wingo>no idea why your matches weren't working
<cow_2001>(lambda (. a) a) is equivalent to list, but someone on #scheme says it is not standard. what's going on?
<dthompson>they might be referring to (. a) ? I'd express it as (lambda args args)