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<haugh>I'll use the word "flag" to describe #:allow-other-keys as provided by lambda_; that is, a keyword which is only checked for existence and does not receive a value. To my reading, lambda_ does not provide this capability. I like this capability. Does anyone use anything similar?
<haugh>Part of the reason this "flag" concept is so appealing to me, aesthetically anyway, is SRFI-88's support for prefix and postfix colon identifiers
<ArneBab>Wisp 1.0.10 released: — more precise encoding handling and reader adaption and unlimited leading underscores. Thanks to Maxime Devos for the review!
<lechner>Hi, what is the right way to transform the XML for this <title> node from SXML into a string, please? sxml->string gives "additionalmdash Guix Quality Assurance" The SXML looked like this "Issue 61536 " (*ENTITY* "additional" "mdash") Here is the URL:
<lechner>sorry, the link should have been
<lilyp>lechner: you would have to delete the entity with a transformation I believe
<lechner>lilyp / can i keep the &mdash; ?
<lilyp>or better: transform it into a literal "–" (I hope this is an mdash and not an ndash)
<lilyp>you can also tell sxml to do this on xml->sxml
<lechner>maybe that's what i need, because sxml->string did not owkr
<lechner>the guix channel bot currently croaks on the entity
<lilyp>sxml->string does the "stupid" thing of extracting all the strings and stripping away the tags
<lilyp>sxml->xml produces the xml tags (and hopefully entities as well?) but there are good reasons not to output random xml you found on the webs
<lechner>as far as i am concerned, strings are safe
<lechner>to print
<lilyp>famous last words
<lechner>i am not the only one
<lechner>Hi, can guile-json create, as a top-level element, a JSON list using records defined with define-json-type?
<lechner>I guess it's called a JSON array. I would like to optimize my use of guile-json together with json_populate_recordset in Postgres
<sneek>wb dsmith-work
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<wingo>i love that guile's random numbers aren't
<wingo>(random 100) is always 61 after program start
<wingo>what a garbage design :P
<lilyp>I personally like that garbage design
<lilyp>it makes it so that I can use (random) in reproducible software!
<wingo>probably better to be explicit with handling of random states, then you ensure reproducibility :)
<dthompson>yeah I guess it is surprising that the numbers aren't random until you initialize the random state
<daviid`>coincidence, or not, someone just posted this in #scheme
<ArneBab>I would much prefer the numbers to be random except if I explicitly provide a fixed seed.
<dthompson>yeah that sounds like a better default
<ArneBab>I stumbled over that at least twice, and every time I write some software with randomness I have to look up again how exactly to get that random state from the platform.
<ArneBab>Doesn’t help that I like to write dice stuff for roleplaying games :-)
<old>Interresting. I can't use-modules on a dot-module, e.g. > (use-modules (.test)) and .test.scm: (define-module (.test))
<old>But I can if the dot-component is a directory
<old>e.g. > (use-modules (.test test)) and .test/test.scm: (define-module (.test test))
<lechner>cwebber / Hi, I packaged guile-syrup for Guix and would like to play with it. Is there an example for the Guile usage anywhere? Thanks!
<cwebber>lechner: it needs to be updated with some fixes that are in the goblins repo, haha
<cwebber>but yes I can put together examples
<cwebber>that's awesome that you packaged it
<cwebber>actually this is relevant to tsyesika's current work
<cwebber>she's writing up a specification document for Syrup
<lechner>cwebber / i hope to feed with it instead of JSON
<cow_2001>this serious technical document is using the word "jiffy" as a technical term.
<cow_2001>i find it funny
<cow_2001>looked into it and there are a bunch of meanings