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<lechner>cwebber / yes, thanks!
<lechner>Hi, does Guile have something like Hackage?
<whereiseveryone>lechner: no but guix might for channels:
<sneek>Welcome back whereiseveryone, you have 1 message!
<sneek>whereiseveryone, old says: What's the status on this meeting for Guile's debugger workgroup?
<whereiseveryone>lechner: contributions welcome:
<whereiseveryone>sneek: later tell old: We had a nice guile debugging session today with ludo at Guix Days
<whereiseveryone>sneek: later told old: I'm aiming for next month. I'll send an email out to the mailing list soon to schedule it.
<mirai>is there a way to achieve this kind of output?
<mirai>I thought receive+values would work but it didn't
<chrislck>mirai: use quasiquote with @ -- `(1 ,@(let ((...)) a b c) 20 30 40 (998 999))
<chrislck>oops -- `(1 ,@(let ((...)) (list a b c)) 20 30 40 (998 999))
<chrislck>oops -- `(1 ,@(let ((...)) (list a b c)) 20 30 40 998 999)
<mirai>I'm aware that quasiquoting+splice could be used here
<mirai>but can this kind of effect be achieved without it?
<chrislck>doubt it
<wklew>mirai: you could use append-map, and then wrap all of your single values in list
<wklew>or just append rather
<mwette>`(1 ,@(let ((...)) (list a b c) 20 30 40 . (998 999)))
<mwette>(fold-right (lambda (e l) (if (pair? e) (append e l) (cons e l))) '() '(1 .... (998 999)))
<old>does guile only support truncate(2)? I'm trying to truncate a shared memory created via shm_open
<old>which has no filesystem path. Guile should use ftruncate(2) instead for that type of port
<mwette>hold on ...
<mwette>I was just looking at that. I think it does have the other
<mwette>you are passing the fd? I think truncate-file will work. guile does call ftruncate in the guts of libguile (for truncate-file)
<old>No I pass the port object
<old>Typically I do a shm_open followed by a fdopen on the resulting filescriptor
<old>I will try truncate-file with fd
<old>okay seems to work
<old>it's weird though that Guile try to (truncate-file (port-filename port) size) for ports
<old>It should use the underlying filedescriptor if available
<mwette>I am using mmap (see, was wondering if shm_open should be in also. civodul was going to start look at adding mmap. Next is sendmsg/recvmsg.
<old>shm_open is definitely something cool to have
<old>however, it's from librt and not libc
<old>so not portable for macOS and Windows I guess
<old>Personnally I don't care, but I understand if Guile must support these
<mwette>right: the librt dependency, that's what scared me away from adding it
<old>unrelated to all that
<old>but sysconf would be great to have
<old>along with the constants