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<chrislck>meo: meow
<chrislck>meo: also avoid (append old-list (list new-item)) as far as possible. usually you'd want cons and reverse at the end... or in this case the reverse is unnecessary.
<old>daviid: I've tried in a REPL with resolve-interface and it seems I have access to private bindings
<old>not with module-public-interface
<daviid>old: you may have found a bug then
<old>eeh strange I don't have the error
<old>I must have though that the binding was not public at first
<old>oh well. no buf
<civodul>looks like the posix_spawn work at might be delayed a bit
<civodul>which makes me think we might want to tag 3.0.9 from current "main"
<civodul>(and have another release in a couple of months)
<flatwhatson>civodul: is it worth getting the non-posix_spawn performance fix for open-pipe in? (bug #59321)
<civodul>flatwhatson: yes, definitely, that's what i had in mind
<civodul>and then we'll rebase the posix_spawn changes on top of that
<flatwhatson>cool, sounds good to me!
<mwette>Can one use "rest" args in a scm_c_make_gsubr to provide keyword arguments to a procedure? Meaning that (foo #:opt val) -> rest becomes (list #:opt val)