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<daviid>what's the 1st few prime numbers above 5558?
<daviid>*what are ..
<RhodiumToad>5563 5569 5573 5581 5591
<daviid>RhodiumToad: tx
<RhodiumToad>(as given by `primes 5558 | head -10 | paste - - - - -` )
<RhodiumToad>or echo $(primes 5558 | head -5)
<haugh>old, peep the horror:
<mwette> /join #rust
<graywolf>Hello, regarding the " note: source file ... newer than compiled ...", is it possible to suppress this message? Sure, I can disable the compilation using GUILE_AUTO_COMPILE=0, but I would like to keep the compilation and just not show the notice. Is that possible?
<lloda>you can set current-warning-port or you can edit boot-9.scm
<lloda>no easy flag i'm afraid
<graywolf>ah :(
<dsmith-work>Thursday Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>That's an often desired option
<lloda>yes it comes up often
<lloda>boot-9 is an ugly place tbh. It's hard to do anything cleanly there
<old>haugh: eeh good case where interpolation would be ideal
<haugh>old, many, many such cases in Guix. Makes me wonder if I'm not a little OCD considering the awkwardness others tolerate in such an expressive language. I've been sifting through the archives looking for previous attempts at this.
<haugh>Although I suppose it bothers me more since I started with Bash; feels like a downgrade
<old>I've sent a RFC on guile-user for interpolation btw (no white space trimming for now)
<old>I use the hash read extension like in my blog post, but do it in `ice-9 boot` so it applies to every modules by default
<rekado>haugh: it’s ugly, but there’s ugliness in the domain of the problem. We’re literally gluing up foreign config files from little snippets of text.