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<old>ArneBab: I can't find the snippet abour r7rs benchmarks:
<old>It seems to be in the PDF however
<old>Also would this benchmark be useful as a Guix package you think?
<cow_2001>what does "ref" stands for in list-ref and assq-ref and whatever? is it reference? why is it reference? i don't get it.
<old>Could be memory reference
<sneek>Yey! tohoyn is back!!
<chrislck>cow_2001: what else would you use to distinguish these keywords from list, list-set!, assq, and assq-set! ?
<yarl>Hello guile.
<yarl>May I ask you what would be the expression to chown recursively a directory?
<yarl>(With a lot of files)
<unmatched-paren>yarl: you'd probably use something from (ice-9 ftw)
<yarl>unmatched-paren: Looking at this ;)
<ArneBab>old: I moved the snippet to "is guile fast?" →
<ArneBab>old: I felt like it is a better fit there
<ArneBab>cow_2001: list-ref: get the reference at position i
<ArneBab>cow_2001: the alternative is what drop or member or assoc do: get a list starting at position i
<ArneBab>cow_2001: r7rs-benchmarks are a bit hard to package: lots of data you’d actually want to change. Though in general some of the tools I have in wisp/examples should be packages …
<old>ArneBab: Thanks
<old>It might be useful to make a GWL workflow in wisp instead then
<old>haugh: Almost done with a blog post for our formatter. I think it will be ready by tomorrow
<haugh>old, nice! I'm still hacking on the reader. I had an idea to lean into the line-orientation for settings, but, fair warning, I don't think it solves the tooling problems. I'll put something in here this evening EST
<haugh>Tell me how this makes you feel: #"two: {+ 1 1}"
<haugh>Do I hate ports or do I just suck?
<haugh>I'm a little lost. Can/should I push a whole string onto an output port? Do I need to build lookaheads in terms of individual chars?
<haugh>Sorry, INPUT port. I want to push a string back onto an open input port.
<haugh>So my first thought was reverse and map get-char but this whole situation smells bad.
<haugh>aaaand I just found unget-string, pardon the spam :/