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<daviid>for those interested, i just pushed a completed and finalized version of the peg-solitaire.scm example to the g-golf devel branch - i shall soon merge all this work (full VFunc support, some code and doc review, quite a few bugs being fixed) to the master branch ...
<daviid>the solitaire-peg mini game shows a fully working DND (drag-and-drop) gtk4 example, as well as howto load and play a MediaStream audio reward sound ... a mini example, but a big step for g-golf :)
<cow_2001>when i first browsed the manual i thought "ports" are networky ports ~_~
<old>cow_2001: Socket are ports also!
<old>They are an abstraction layer around file descriptor but also you can use them to write to a string for example
<tohoyn>sneek: botsnack
<tohoyn>daviid: I tested peg-solitaire and it worked fine
<nij->I'm reading chap 9 of Guile's doc. So nicely written!
<nij->One basic question: to compile guile down to "value", it goes through tree-il, cp, and byte code.
<nij->While multiple layers compilation offers better reasonability and modularity, doesn't it make it slower?
<spk121>Heya Guilers. Is there an official Guile icon or icon theme?
<nij->Ah got disconnected..
<nij->Ah got disconnected..
<old>nij-: What do you think is slower?
<lilyp>going through multiple ILs
<lilyp>and I don't think necessarily
<lilyp>but more importantly, guile is an optimizing compiler, not one optimised being fast itself
<lilyp>s/optimized being/optimized for being/
<nij->going through multiple ILs means more computations, no?
<lilyp>Not necesarily.
<lilyp>Imagine you are computing a large number of multiplications for some known values
<lilyp>you could multiply the normal way, or you could transform it to a logarithmic representation and then simply add them up
<lilyp>let's say you have + < * < log in terms of cost
<lilyp>then at some point log and + < *