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<rekado>civodul: is there a difference between compiling and interpreting the code?
<rekado>civodul: I can reproduce the leak with guile 3.0.8 from Guix on a RHEL system.
<rekado>heap size is 44765184 for some time, but then jumps up to 45813760, 62590976, etc
<rekado>ran it again and now it stays constant after a much longer time.
<rekado>with “guix shell guile@3.0.8 -- guile --no-auto-compile heap.scm”
<rekado>heap starts smaller and quickly grows to 29093888, then stays there
<rekado>ran the same command again and it keeps growing in much shorter time
<rekado>it does seem to level off eventually
<rekado>civodul: what does the heap growth look like in your case?
<rekado>still running, but no increase since 15 mins
<rekado>(unchanged at 46264320)
<civodul>rekado: you need to compile the file, so that the thing runs fast enough to show the problem
<civodul>so just leave --no-auto-compile out
<civodul>it's not deterministic, so sometimes it grows quickly and sometimes less so
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<not-dsmith>Ok, should work for most folks now
<not-dsmith>The old dpkg bot on #debian freenode had that. Thought it would be a fun addition
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<cow_2001>is there a way of moving around the Guile prompt?
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<dsmith>cow_2001: I don't understand your question
<ArneBab>cow_2001: do you mean basic movement like Alt-b / Alt-f ?
<ArneBab>cow_2001: you’ll want to activate readline
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<ekaitz>hi! how do I set (read-enable 'hungry-eol-escapes) and make it work in the top level of a file?
<ekaitz>I'm trying to make that and then display a long string and it's not cleaning the spaces in the new lines
<ekaitz>if I do it in the repl, the next line does it well, but not in a script
<old>I'm not sure if reader options only apply to the REPL. That could explain why it does not work in a script
<ekaitz>old: the only option then is to add --r6rs?
<old>It should work yes
<old>I'm not sure if that's the only way though
<old>eeh, `--r6rs` really just call `install-r6rs!` that call `(read-enable 'hungry-eol-escapes)`
<old>However it does it a boot time of guile, so maybe that's why it would work I'm not sure
<ekaitz>old: thanks for explaining