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<rekado>found in the file of GHC 6.0: dnl --- stolen from guile configure ---
*w0ll3q1uszxabiwo is not sure if he has the matrix setup correctly
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>is there a guile thing that can do wiki alike ?
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>ideally in a way that can be accessed from terminal like `info guile`
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>and that is not that horrible gnu way that can't be editted easily without suffering multiple mental breakdowns
<lechner>w0ll3q1uszxabiwo: your message appeared in IRC
<lechner>w0ll3q1uszxabiwo: we help each other through the breakdowns in this channel
<lechner>Hi, is there a way to tell nyacc's compile-ffi where to put the .go files, or is it better to use --no-exec and compile separately? Thanks!
<dsmith>sneek: botsnack
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>How do i move file from A/file.scm to B/file.scm in guile?
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>preferably move and change it's name tbh
<daviid>w0ll3q1uszxabiwo: see/read 7.2.3 File System
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>daviid: that's what i did before i asked here.. the closest i could figure out is copy-file, delete-file from original location and rename-file in new location
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>which is heresy to do on a functional programming lang >_>
<daviid>w0ll3q1uszxabiwo: i think rename-file will do 'all this' job, just try, let'ssee
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>daviid: doesn't seem to?
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>oh maybe..
*w0ll3q1uszxabiwo uploaded an image: (10KiB) < >
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>seems to just hang in the repl
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>hmm doesn't seem to do anything with the file after 3 min
<tohoyn>daviid: when I ran autoreconf -ivf in up-to-date g-golf devel in up-to-date debian testing I got the following error:
<sneek>Welcome back tohoyn, you have 2 messages!
<sneek>tohoyn, daviid says: I finalized and pushed virtual function 'full support' in g-golf, in the devel branch, documented as well, in the source tree and uploaded, here - a (wip) peg-solitaire.scm example as well, here (url valid for another 7h, i'll repaste if 'lost') which mimic the gtk4 peg-solitaire.c example, which I need
<sneek>tohoyn, daviid says: ... the peg-solitaire example ... which I need to complete it with drag and drop and the game rules, but it fully exposes the VFunc part ...
<dsmith>w0ll3q1uszxabiwo: Did the new dir already exist?
<dsmith>w0ll3q1uszxabiwo: Were they on the same filesystem?
<dsmith>w0ll3q1uszxabiwo: To see what's happening at the syscall level, try running under strace.
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>dsmith: Seems to work in guix, but not in the local repl so i guess good enough 🤷
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>Is there any guile-way to prepend a target file with a string?
*w0ll3q1uszxabiwo is trying to add a shebang to a file
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<apteryx>does (ice-9 getopt-long) parses "--long-option value" equally as "--long-option=value" ?
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>(plain-file (string-append %output "/bin/.stremio-server-real"
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> (format #f "~a~%"
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> (string-append "#!" (search-input-file %input "/bin/node")
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> somehow do $ cat path/to/file))))
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>figured out this so far x.x
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>(`plain-file` creates a file in NAME with CONTENT)
<apteryx>answering myself: getopt-long supports both --long-option values and --long-option=value, according to its header doc
<apteryx>e.g, this is equivalent: ("--apples" "Braeburn" "--blimps" "Goodyear") and ("--apples=Braeburn" "--blimps" "Goodyear")
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo><apteryx> "e.g, this is equivalent: ("--..." <- goodyear sellout
<a12l>cwebber: did you intentionally leave out details in the tutorial with the intention that the readers should read the reference manual or try the code snippets in the REPL?
<apteryx>w0ll3q1uszxabiwo: straight from (ice-9 getopt-long) docstring
<cwebber>a12l: hi
<cwebber>which tutorial, the one in the guile manual?
<cwebber>it's mostly just that it's our first release and it needs more work I think
<a12l>Yes, I meant the guile tutorial!
<a12l>I thought it was considered "finished", but I obviously was wrong :)
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo><w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> "Is there any guile-way to..." <- .
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>> * <> is trying to add a shebang to a file
<daviid>sneek: later tell tohoyn AC_LIB_LINKFLAGS_FROM_LIBS is defind in lib-link.m4 which is provided by gettext - apt-get install gettext - should fix this problem
<sneek>Got it.
<lechner>Hi, in the Autoconf macro GUILE_SITE_DIR is it really right to set the site directories via pkg-config? In Guix, I think the site directories should relate to configure's $prefix and not the prefix declared in Guile's .pc file. Thanks!;a=blob;f=meta/guile.m4;h=48642f027f7b002d40658511fe3bb831e83ebdfc;hb=HEAD#l183
<spk121>what if we made a Guile option where it searches for *.scm/*.go/*.so relative to executable instead of in absolute directories set a compile time? To make redistributable binaries
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo><spk121> "what if we made a Guile option..." <- why? The guile files are already redistributable?
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>> Is there any guile-way to prepend a target file with a string?
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>> * w0ll3q1uszxabiwo7vet7op4fhjk84wk1o71cut073qmj is trying to add a shebang to a file
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo>(plain-file (string-append %output "/bin/.stremio-server-real"
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> (format #f "~a~%"
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> (string-append "#!" (search-input-file %input "/bin/node")
<w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> somehow do $ cat path/to/file))))