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<a12l>I decided to just run geiser for the time being. Corfu isn't necessary, and it's better to get my workflow going
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<tohoyn>Theme-D version 5.0.0-2 has been released. See The new version includes bootstrapped Theme-D compiler and linker.
<tohoyn>Theme-D-Intr version 0.12.0-2 has also been released. See The new version is compatible with Theme-D 5.0.0-2.
<tohoyn>Note that the user guide coming with the source package 5.0.0 and theme-d-doc 5.0.0-2 is out of date. You should use instead.
<old>I'm working on a `guile-sourcehut` package, so it's possible to use the GraphQL API for but also create build manifests all with s-exp instead of yaml and json. Anyone has an interested for that?
<tohoyn>old: so you need to compile s-exps to GraphQL native queries?
<tohoyn>old: what is
<rekado_>old: there’s a graphql package for Guile: guile-kolam
<ane>tohoyn: a code forge, like codeberg, gitea, gitlab, github, etc.
<old>rekado_: Yes but it's more a backend I think
<old>I just generate a client request from s-exp, nothing special for that
<old>It's a github/gitlab alternative that respect user freedom and encourage IRC, mailing list workflow
<old>It has an awesome CI where you can submit build manifest in YAML. It then launch a VM with pre-defined image and you can build your stuff in it
<old>I can build my packages for ubuntu/debian and Guix in a single commit that way
<old>And I want to have Guile support for it, well cuz guile is awesome ^^
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