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<ArneBab>mwette: that sounds promising, but 50€ … *inner scrooge starts to twitch violently* — I put it on my wishlist. Maybe for midwinter …
<mwette>appreaciate your position -- I did buy kindle version, regret not getting paper. There is a lot to learn w/ Rust. I hope it succeeds.
<ArneBab>I’d like to use Rust as high-performance support-tool for Guile, similar to how Mercurial does it with Python: Add optional compiled versions of specific functionality that needs massive speed.
<ArneBab>But keep that constrained to keep the flexibility and fast turnaround time of Scheme wherever that speed isn’t needed.
<flatwhatson>i've been chipping away at porting the PreScheme compiler from Scheme 48 to run on Guile, which might help to fill this kind of role
<flatwhatson>PreScheme is a subset of scheme which can be statically compiled to a low-level machine. the Scheme 48 PreScheme compiler emits C code with almost zero runtime support library
<flatwhatson>it may be possible to retro-fit strict ownership tracking to that compiler to make it a bit more Rust-y
<drakonis>yet again, beautiful.
<ArneBab>flatwhatson: that would be quite cool
<jpoiret>wingo: I've just sent an updated patchset using posix_spawn for all procedures that create processes (except primitive-fork of course), see
<jpoiret>updating Gnulib makes for an ugly thread
<vldn>is it possible to create executables/binarys with guile?
<vldn>like for shipping games, and when you don't want the user to modify the code (cheats)
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<ArneBab>vldn: lilypond does that
<daviid>ArneBab: are you sure, because I don't think so, I actually think it is not even possible (?) - I think this question was raised and discussed here recently, not in relation to lilypnd, just 'can one make a guile executable' ...
<ArneBab>daviid: but lilypond actually does it.
<daviid>ok, have to go afk, we were told here recently that this is just not possible with 'old' and current guile, the conversation was also related to ganes iirc - and I always write a 'no-auto-compiled guile script' that starts guile and use compiled modules for my apps, i.e. foliot ...
<daviid>*use as in (use-modules ...), that effectively run the app ...
<daviid>afaict, there is no current way to save and later run a foliot app 'image'
<rekado>vldn: you can ship just the .go files if you must, but I wouldn’t use obfuscation as an anti-cheat mechanism.
<rekado>the question is too vague to answer, so what Lilypond does may or may not be what vldn meant.
<rekado>Guile does not have a built-in mechanism to create a single-file binary executable.
<rekado>you can ship .go files and run them with a little shell script that loads the compiled blobs
<mwette>but if you distribute a binary you need to allow the user to bind in their own copy of whatever guile code you use.
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<drakonis> nice.