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<flatwhatson>ArneBab: yes, no worries, glad it's useful!
<flatwhatson>please let me know if you notice something that could be handled better, error parsing is very ad-hoc as guile is not always super consistent, the checker is basically a collection of regexes to parse out useful info from the various forms
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<wingo>hello :)
<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
<civodul>i have an exception handling puzzle to share!
<civodul>somewhere the right exception handler is ignored
<civodul>find why an win a virtual prize
<antipode>civodul:I think I've seen that one before ...
<antipode> ?
<antipode>According to the follow-up mail, this is actually documented.
<antipode>Seems weird semantics though to me,
<antipode>the 'handler' needs to be run in the right context for backtraces (when using #:unwind? #t) or for the outer parametrisations (when using #:unwind? #false), but fiddling with which handler is run seems weird to me.
<antipode>Wasn't there something about Guile's implementation of 'guard' being incorrect because it runs the clauses in the wrong dynamic environment, but a proper implementation would be inefficient (due to it requiring continuations?)?
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