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<tohoyn>daviid: G-Golf (current master) reports an error with following code:
<tohoyn>daviid: consequently I can't use Theme-D-Intr with that version of G-Golf
<tohoyn>daviid: it works when I use gi-function-info-names to obtain the arguments for (make <function> ...)
<tohoyn>daviid: now the !return-type accessor doesn't work with functions:
<dsmith-work>Tuesday Greetings, Guilers
<daviid>you should not call these procedures yourself, you must use the user interface and import a widget:
<daviid> (gi-import-by-name "Gtk" "Widget")
<daviid>tohoyn: ^^
<tohoyn>daviid: can I access the method argument and result types with the high-level interface?
<daviid>tohoyn: then if you wish to retreive thye <function> instance, for theme-d, no 'normal' g-golf user would do that, you use the cche
<daviid>(gi-cache-ref 'function 'the-type-lib-function-name)
<tohoyn>daviid: ok. I'll check the code in Theme-D-Intr.
<daviid>i think you have those examples somewhere in your code, we've tlked about this already, iirc
<tohoyn>yes, I have written bug report of !return-type before
<daviid>if you retreive the <function> instance from the cache, the return-type (tag) should always be defined
<daviid>otherwise, g-golf wouldn't be able to let users caall the function ... there is no g-golf bug here, afaict
<tohoyn>I still got an error with !return-type. Debian pastezone complained about spam so I had to send the snippet to you by email.
<tohoyn>I'll go sleeping but I will read the logs.
<sneek>dsmith-work: Greetings!!
<dsmith-work>sneek: botsnack
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