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<tohoyn>Theme-D version containing bootstrapped Theme-D compiler and linker has been prereleased. See and subdirectory theme-d-bootstrap.
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<haugh>The case-lambda doc contains the following EBNF grammar:... (full message at
<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<vldn>how to remove a non empty directory with guile?
<dsmith-work>vldn: Simplest would be to just shell out to an "rm -rf"
<dsmith-work>Otherwise would need to delete each file, then delete the dir, recurisvely.
<vldn>thanks :)
<vldn>and how to access the build directory inside a buildargument?
<vldn>woops -> to guix channel :D sry
<dsmith-work>vldn: To do it "by hand", probably best to use stuff from the ftw module:
<vldn>thanks :))
<daviid>tohoyn: do you happen to know if an ubuntu user can grab the pre-released g-golf debian package you make and install it just fine?
<tohoyn>daviid: wait ...
<tohoyn>daviid: ubuntu jammy contains guile version 3.0.7 and g-golf debian package requires 3.0.8. so the answer is no.
<tohoyn>daviid: but I think that it should be possible to rebuild the g-golf package for guile 3.0.7
<tohoyn>daviid: then I have to check the other dependencies...
<tohoyn>libgirepository1.0-dev is ok
<tohoyn>libglib2.0-dev is ok
<tohoyn>guile-library is ok
<daviid>tohoyn: g-golf requires guile 2.0, 2.2 or 3.0 in wichcae it must be >= 3.0.7, not >= 3.0.8, not sure were you got the 3.0.8 - oh, you probably mean you did build the debian pre-release package using 3.0.8, ok i understand
<tohoyn>daviid: ubuntu kinetic contains guile 3.0.8-2
<daviid>tohoyn: ok, i'll suggest a manual build anyway, but thanks
<daviid>tohoyn: it would be nice if you could, as times alowas, rebuild the package using the latest master commit, let me know ... tx
<tohoyn>I'll check that
<tohoyn>BTW: are the bytecode formats of guile 3.0.7 and guile 3.0.8 identical? if not, the debian package has to be built for 3.0.8.
<daviid>i am not knowledgeable enough in that guile 'corner' to affirm that if you build using 3.0.7, it will work for users that have 3.0.8, I think it would but I am not sure, and no time to check
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