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<linj[m]>hi guile, can you on the irc side read me?
<ekaitz>linj[m]: yes
***linj[m] is now known as linj
***Furor is now known as Colere
<ArneBab>wingo: I missed a ton of blog posts from you … got great reading for the next days. Thank you!
<ArneBab>wingo: I always enjoy how you lay out your thoughts — the mix of very interesting information, good writing, and a personal touch. All that structured in a way that makes it easy to follow your thoughts and fun to learn from you.
<wingo>tx for kind words :)
<dsmith-work>UGT Greetings, Guilers
<linj>two: sure. 1. input `/msg !help` and it will creates a room for you and the bot; 2. in that room, you can use `!username`, `!storepass` and `!reconnect` to auth yourself
<linj>not sure if I need to auth myself to speak in this channel though. I used to speak in other channels, e.g. #guix, without auth
<rekado>in #guile you do need to auth
<rekado>I keep forgetting, so often I end up in a dialogue with the void.
<linj>two[m]: I should not see this message if everything is ok
<linj>two[m]: to auth, you should talk to , not NickServ
<linj>two[m]: I think it is because you have not auth on the matrix side
*linj uploaded an image: (24KiB) < >
<linj>two: are you in a private room with appservice? The room has to be unencrypted so that the bot can reply to you
<linj>two[m]: make sure you use `!username` before `!reconnect`
<linj>if it still doesn't work, I have no idea then
<linj>Hello guile! I am doing exercise 1.22 of SICP, which needs to calculate the running time of a procedure. I use `(time-nanosecond (current-time time-process))` from srfi-19 to get the current time stamp and the difference between two time stamp is used as the running time of a procedure.
<linj>But its results are not stable at all, even if I turn off my cpu turbo and disable JIT and `,o interp #f` : every time I rerun the same procedure, it tells me a different result. Any advice?
<blake2b> /join #guix
<blake2b>oops! sry :)