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<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<dsmith-work>Cairn: All the messages seem to be from "Cairn", though it looks like (at least) to people conversing...
<Cairn>dsmith-work: Sorry about that, yeah. Two users who were bridged through Matrix didn't have registered accounts. So I could see their messages through Matrix, but they weren't getting through to this room.
<Cairn>We brought the conversation over from #guix, cause one of them had wanted to ask a question here.
<Cairn>Sorry again about the clutter!
<dsmith-work>No worries!
<dsmith-work>Wasn't sure you were aware of it.
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<dthompson>I was looking through the GOOPS implementation today and I was pretty surprised to discover that slot-ref/slot-set! just loop over the entire list of slots to find one that matches. was expecting a hash lookup or something.
<drakonis>it doesnt use guile libraries, does it?
<dthompson> what do you mean?
<drakonis>its very light on guile's standard library and srfis
<drakonis>its almost entirely pure scheme bar the describe module
<drakonis>which actually uses ice-9
<drakonis>also copy-tree in save
<dthompson>it uses (ice-9 match)
<drakonis>odd, i did not see that
<dthompson>it probably doesn't matter much that slot-ref/slot-set! traverse the list of slots because calling slot getters/setters/accessors will get/set slot values directly. they already know how to get where they are going.
<drakonis>oh, you're looking at the internals and not the modules, are you?
<dthompson>I'm looking at the implementation of (oop goops)
<drakonis>i was checking oop/goops/*
<drakonis>silly me.
<dthompson>I've never tried to use any of them. they're not documented as far as I know. git blamed one of them and it hasn't been edited since 2009
<drakonis>its best to check git log
<drakonis>there have been some changes recently
<drakonis>7 years ago
<dthompson>still pretty old!
<dthompson>those modules look real crufty and wouldn't be acceptable additions to guile these days
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