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<civodul>jao: yup, trying to!
<jao>civodul, trying is good, one cannot ask for more!
<civodul>heheh :-)
<cwebber>hi jao
<jab>sneek: geiser?
<sneek>Someone once said geiser is
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<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
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<defaultxr>hi. what is the best way to determine if guile is running interactively (i.e. a REPL in Emacs/Geiser) vs non-interatively/as a script? this question suggests defining a variable in ~/.guile , since guile only reads ~/.guile when running interactively, but this does not seem like an ideal solution; is there
<defaultxr>a better way?
<lilyp>defaultxr: you could "hide" your main (make it module-private) and set your interactive variable there
<lilyp>of course, this would also work with parameters
<lilyp>if your main-interactive is (parameterize ((interactive? #t)) (main)) I doubt anyone would call it in a non-interactive context
<defaultxr>thanks, i'll look into trying that
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<mwette>script vs interactive kludge: (file-port? (current-input-port))
<mwette>not sure ^ would work with geiser
<mwette>I have used (and (file-port? p)
<mwette> (string? (port-filename p))
<mwette> (not (string-prefix? "/dev/" (port-filename p))))
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<lloda>daviid: re gperf, i found
<lloda>i had to edit the patch a bit
<lloda>thx ArneBab
<lloda>i messed up the spaces in the patch :-( i regularly forget to turn off the 'delete-trailing-whitespace hook when editing guile
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<sneek>I've been running for one month and 17 days
<sneek>This system has been up 6 weeks, 5 days, 14 hours, 43 minutes
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<muradm>hello guile
<apteryx>do we have something like guile-pam that could be used to call pam_start from linux-pam?
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