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<jab>dthompson: The Elementary OS app store (GNU/Linux OS) sells only free software.
<jab>dthompson: and may I ask why would not want to sell a free software game via proprietary assets? You could always release the assest undert the GPL in a year or so after you have made a profit.
<jab>also thanks to the link to your game
<singpolyma>jab: I don't mind that model, but you don't have to make anything nonfree to make a profit. If you sell it people will pay for it. If you Google for a free download of any game you will find it, license has no real impact here
<jab>singpolyma: thanks for the 2 cents. do you know of a few successful free software games? Also aren't you active in the JMP community?
<jab>I think I've been using your SIP server for years...
<singpolyma>jab: you mean commercially successful freedomware games? Depends what you mean by successful and if it must be fully free and "from birth" to count. I know some non-game software following the model successfully for sure, including the Conversations app for example
<singpolyma>And yes, I'm a lead dev with JMP
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<jab>singpolyma: I mean commercially successful yes. :)
<jab>and free software from birth, but proprietary assets as a model.
<jab>singpolyma: You guys at JMP are awesome by the way!
<dthompson>jab: I want to give everyone the right to share and modify the thing I made. if I made it and have full control over the licensing, I will always choose a free license. CC BY SA 4.0 is my preferred license for art. I bet if I made a game that people actually wanted to play and I asked for money to download on or wherever, probably most people would just pay for it. very few people would even wonder what the license was.
<dthompson>oops sorry for the spammy blank messages
<singpolyma>dthompson: yes, exactly
<jab>dthompson: I've never heard of ...
<jab>I do wish that Guix had an option to pay for packages baked into a Guix's GUI frontend.
<dthompson>jab: it's a really cool place for indie games.
<dthompson>I have an account there
<jab>Thanks! I'll check it out!
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<sneek>Yey! chrislck is back :)
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<yarl>May I ask about emacs+geiser for guile?
<yarl>I might have misunderstood how it works.
<yarl>Say I define module (a) that exports apublic.
<yarl>Say I define module (b) that use-module (a) and that define bpublic, which uses apublic.
<yarl>If I open directly b.scm and try to edit-symbol-at-point on apublic or bpublic, it does not work.
<yarl>If I open directly b.scm, load-current-buffer and try to edit-symbol-at-point on bpublic, it works, not on apublic.
<yarl>If I open a.scm, load it, open b.scm, load it, I can edit-symbol-at-point on apublic.
<yarl>Can I and How can I do so that if I get some sources somewhere, I open a file there and I am able to goto the definition, wherever that definition is?
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
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<drakonis>cwebber: if guile steel comes to fruition, perhaps what it needs is a fresh start, in a manner of speaking
<drakonis>still scheme but with a better implementation
<drakonis>the real downside is that it is completely non trivial to have something from scratch
<dthompson>better than what?
<drakonis>hmm, more featureful, so to say?
<dthompson>then standard scheme?
<dthompson>I think the idea for Guile Steel is more that it would *look* like Scheme but would really diverge quite a lot from what standard Scheme is like.
<drakonis>that's fine and yes please
<dthompson>like we could envision a Guile Steel that doesn't have garbage collection at all
<dthompson>and/or maybe there are no cons cells
<dthompson>who knows
<drakonis>the one thing it should have as a baseline is total and full access to its internals
<drakonis>all of it in scheme
<drakonis> loko scheme comes to mind
<dthompson>using guile's compiler tower the whole thing could be written in scheme
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