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<ArneBab>sneek: later tell civodul: wouldn’t it be better to add a header to each page in that points visitors to 3.0?
<sneek>Got it.
<ekaitz>hi! I've been using the debugger these days and I didn't find a command to remove all the traps so I made one, should I send a patch?
<ekaitz>it's a very simple thing (map delete-traps! (list-traps)) but it might be useful
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<daviid>cwebber: it is not a 'top-level define', you can't evaluate last-n outside the scope of the procedure. the very fact you use 'top-level define' is one of the reason th
<daviid>... one of the reason the use of define in the core of a procedure isn't a good programming style, there are very rare exceptions, but certainly not to define a local variable;
<daviid>cwebber: i am not sure i understand what you mean by 'the procedure object returned to get the name', as both are evaluated by the guile interpreter, and a bindingis made in between the name of the procedure and the code, so if you evaluate the procedure name, it returns #<procedure make-countdown (n)>
<daviid>cwebber: also, just to make sure, i didn't use nor refered to whether the code or a code style is 'popular (or not)' in my comments, that is not the point (and never will be afaic) - what is important here is the programming style (as you are presenting a didactic material dedicated to a large audience, not just a personnal project style guilenes), the programming style is among the top priority - although just 8 lines of code, it
<daviid>exposes a fundamental mechanism, and who's going to learn through this material will reproduce/copy the style, and imo, it is not a good progrmming style, my 2c
<taw10>Before I construct an abomination involving hash-for-each and an escape continuation, is there a fast way of determining whether or not a hash table is empty? I don't care how many entries there are, only if it's zero or not.
<taw10>Actually, it's not such an abomination: (let/ec return (hash-for-each-handle (lambda (key) (return #f)) ht) #t)
<jab>cwebber: your latest dustyweb blog past was pretty rad.
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<jab>cwebber: I think I found a bug in your scheme code on page 11
<jab>I think you meant to write "(assoc 'cat animal-noises)" but wrote "(assoc 'cat animal-noises" instead.