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<ArneBab>ecraven updated the r7rs benchmarks!
<jpoiret>what would you say is the best for portable code? SRFIs or RNRS?
<ecraven>at this point, R7RS-small ;) I hope some day R7RS-large
<jpoiret>what do i do if i want to use R7RS libraries from a pure Guile module?
<jpoiret>I understand that I can pass --r7rs to guile, but that will switch the r7rs mode globally, or I can use install-r7rs! which is not portable or clean
<tohoyn>sneek: botsnack
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<chrislck>ok. /me feeling dumb. what's the difference between .scm and .sld
<chrislck>and is there a dumb*ss guide to learning to code in r7rs-small instead of guile?
<retropikzel>chirslck, I'm no expert but I just read the r7rs pdf ( and run guile with --r7rs flag
<retropikzel>chrislck, again the no expert thing and I would like to someone to confirm but to me it seems the .scm files usually contain the code and .sld wraps it with (define-library... and just includes the .scm file into it. This is propably so that implementations without library handling can more easily use the .scm files?
<retropikzel>Like in here for example:
<sneek>Welcome back tohoyn