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<lechner>Hi, should 'guild compile --from=XYZ' respect '-L $dir' when looking for the XYZ language module?
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<lechner>Hi, who or what provides these configure options, please?
<jpoiret>civodul: where's that overdrive1.scm file you used as an example for ?
<jpoiret>whoops, that's the wrong channel :(
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<stis>Hej guilers!
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<lechner>Hi, in my Guix package the Guile Autoconf macro GUILE_SITE_DIR resolves $(GUILE_SITE_CCACHE) to /gnu/store/cnfsv9ywaacyafkqdqsv2ry8f01yr7a9-guile-3.0.7/lib/guile/3.0/site-ccache, but the system folder in unsuitable as an install location. Would it be better if GUILE_SITE_DIR worked off of $prefix to produce $(libdir)/guile/$(GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION)/site-ccache? Who uses GUILE_SITE_DIR to find
<lechner>object files, anyway? Thanks!
<civodul>lechner: hi! yeah, GUILE_SITE_DIR is not really useful
<civodul>common practice is to define godir and moddir like this:
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<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
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