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<daviid>lechner: out of curiosity, i asked the GNOME team about 'the PAM module' and gnomekeyring, GI typelib ... here what they answered 'The PAM module is not a library, so it has nothing to be introspectable with - For accessing/storing secrets inside the keyring, you want libsecret,'
<daviid>lechner: saying this because if libsecret is 'enough' for your context/use, you can access the lib from guile 'for free' using guile-gi or g-golf
<daviid>the last link is the api doc
<lechner>daviid: i merely hope to replace PAM with a Guile implementation
<daviid>lechner: just to make sure - you meant to say you are manually binding, using the nyacc ffi-helper as a9n excellent) start, libpam, or in 'words', the public interface to Linux-PAM, right?
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<lechner>daviid: Hi, not quite. I insert a new 'pam_guile' module to take over the stack-based processing of PAM services. Perhaps even more significantly, one can write new service modules in Guile. My questions to you revolve around calling existing legacy modules for compatibility.
<daviid>lechner: i was trying to see if another (GI based) route was possible ... but it doesn't sound like it is possible ... wrt to our question, as i posted earçier, you need to change line 53 to instead call your incantation of a proper argv** building proc ...
<lechner>daviid: yeah, thanks! i'm trying to figure out what that should look like.
<daviid>lechner: in pure scheme, it should look like (exactly) as what g-golf does, pasted above, the scm->gi-strings and bv-ptr-[ref|set!] ... feel free to snarf the code, it is free s/w ...
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