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<stis>Hello guilers!
<ArneBab>stis: wow, awesome!
<rekado>stis: I’d be delighted to see these improvements make it into Guile proper. Can these modifications be upstreamed?
<stis>It is a huge work and I would appriciate that we can work together on this one
<stis>and yes, havingit in guile should be the goal
<stis>But keeping it as a library means that we can test it separately first, as we do not want to get something unstable to guile
<stis>And the library path is not terrible as you can patch guile's write/display function to get most of guile using the library write, works for 99% of the cases
<stis>which means that for example format will use the library write in stead of guile's C write
<lechner>Hi, how can i get the current epoch timestamp as a string, please?
<lilyp>(compose number->string current-time)
<lilyp>though if you're using srfi 18, you might have to do time->seconds in between
<lechner>lilyp: thanks!
<lechner>Hi, from a noobie: Is there something better than (append (list a b c) (list d)) to concatenate four lists? Thanks!
<lechner>actuall, what i'm looking for is a caconical way to concatenate multiple lists, i.e more than two.
<singpolyma>Is it not (append a b c d) ?
<lilyp>either that or (apply append a (list b c d)) ;)
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<lechner>singpolyma lilyp: you are right! sorry, still looping my head around lists of lists. as a side note, "consfiguring" Knot DNS with Guile in Guix is something i wished i had discovered ten years ago.
<lechner>Hi, nyacc's FFI helper expects 'exec_prefix' in a pkg-config file, but from what i can tell that's not actually part of the specs. Should it parse the variables with command-line options in the same file instead?
<lechner>never mind. i'm asleep at the wheel. the variable is used but not defined!
<stis>Ahh, got symbols working now
<stis>and character but characters are slow now
<civodul>hmm would be nice if one could obtain a "stack" object from a captured continuation, so you can pass it to display-backtrace