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<stis>Hello guilers!
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<leth>Is there a way to make a syntax-case access a let binding rather than a top level binding using with-syntax?
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<civodul>Happy Friday! \o/
<chris>sneek: botsnack
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<sneek>chris: wb
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<apteryx>how could I match a sexp like '(define-public name (package (field ...) ...)) *or* '(define-public name (hidden-package (package (field ...) ...))) ?
<apteryx>do I need two patterns, or there's something clever I can do to keep only one pattern?
<apteryx>er, the second sexp should be like the first one, but with an extra (hidden-package encapsulating (package ...
<apteryx>hm, nevermind, i got it right the first time ;-)
<apteryx>seems (identifier *** pat) may be it
<apteryx>not sure how to use it though; (match '(a (b (c (d)))) (('a (res *** 'c) ('d)) res)) fails to match
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