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<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
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<stis>Tja guilers!
<xiews>Why the Form (define-class <ball> () (x #:init-value 0 #:accessor ball:x. #:init-keyward #:x)) gets a Syntax error in Form ()?
<wingo>xiews: perhaps you are missing (use-modules (oop goops))
<wingo>good morning guilers
<xiews>wingo: thanks, thst's it.
<stis>wingo: have you seen my hash works and ideas for a new hashtable implementation?
<wingo>heya :)
<wingo>no, link?
<stis>wingo ^^
<stis>there are some benchmarks there as well
<stis>in the blog
<tribals>Hi, folks!
<tribals>What is analogue of `set -o pipefail` in Guile?
<wingo>tribals: good question, i do not know!
<wingo>actually if you are using open-pipe, then probably passing something like `( set -o pipefail; foo | bar | baz )` or so
<wingo>otherwise if you are building the pipeline yourself of course you have the lower-level primitive for that
<akonai>I'm trying to pipe some text to lynx via open-pipe*, but I can't seem to actually capture the output. Neither open-pipe* OPEN_BOTH nor using something like with-output-to-string works. Anyone knows a good solution to this?
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<stis>anybody, are there any test cases or performance test you would like to see regarding hash tables?
<stis>I will add tests for oldschool hashq
<stis>hashing numbers
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<spk121>heh, Guile replaced that Perl script that processed UnicodeData.txt. I think that was the last Perl script I ever wrote
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