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<stis>lampilelo: ^^
<stis>benchmarks different working sets, different sizes and different denseness e.g. a worst case and a best case, best case => 1.2s for 100M lookups
<dsmith-work>sneek: botsnack
*sneek wags
<chrislck>nix-shell -p guile produces guile-2.2.7... who'll tell them?
<toideng>i have a question on namespacing in modules
<toideng>tried grepping the manual, but with little success
<toideng>i want to use functions `map`, `reduce` and `assert`
<toideng>`reduce` is supplied by `(srvi srfi-1)`
<toideng>`assert` is supplied by `(rnrs base)`
<toideng>however, `map` is supplied by both
<toideng>so, is there any way to specify, which functions i want from which module, and only import them?
<daviid>toideng: yes
<daviid>there is n example in the manual - 6.18.2 Using Guile Modules
<toideng>thank you, that's exactly what i've been looking for
<jpoiret>any idea if someone could review for the next point release? it seems like a pretty serious issue to me
<johnjaye>what is the difference between gh and scm interfaces? i.e. between guile/gh.h and libguile includes?
<lilyp>johnjaye: where does the guile/gh.h even come from?
<lilyp>it's not from the guile package, that's for sure
<johnjaye>i found some old code that used it and tried to compile it
<johnjaye>got an error saying gh.h not found and googling said it's a deprecated feature
<johnjaye>apparently #include<libguile.h> replaces it
<mwette>maybe from 1.X guiles
<spk121>johnjaye: guile/gh.h was an attempt at simplifying the scm interfaces back in the guile 1.6 days, if I recall correctly.
<johnjaye>well this software configure script wont' even build on this host so
<johnjaye>kind of irrelevant anyway
<spk121>are you trying to build guile-num or guile-tcl?
<johnjaye>what? no. something called scwm
<johnjaye>it's like a window manager that uses guile
<johnjaye>i found it googling for scheme window managers
<spk121>OK sure, scwm was pretty cool back in the day.
*spk121 realizing why he abandoned trying to write a GNU Makefile parser in scheme
<johnjaye>why. sounds interesting
<mwette>I thought there were some more recent scheme wm project around.
<mwette> ??
<singpolyma>spk121: is there no peg parser for make one could "just use"?
<singpolyma>Make syntax frontend for guile would be sweet
<johnjaye>it says (xcb xml) guile module not found
<johnjaye>does guile have some module system i should use for that?
<mwette>spk121: i see others use gmake --print-data-base and go from that
<mwette> maybe?
<johnjaye>it says it can't make if i try to configure make that flow/event-loop.go
<spk121>singpolyma: I'm not a CompSci guy, but, I think making a grammar would be hard. Each line requires history and context to parse.
<johnjaye>er i mean it says it can't make that in guile-xcb
<johnjaye>eh i guess there's tons of projects out there like this that become abandonware and don't compile cleanly
<johnjaye>don't know enough about autotools to diagnose it
<stis>Hi guilers!
<toideng>i can't find anything in the manual on the `.` function/macro
<toideng>apparently it is a synonym for `identity`?..
<toideng>`(. <val>)` returns `<val>` in every case that i checked
<toideng>"Procedure Index" only has the `...` proc
<toideng>can anyone clarify what the dot actually means?..
<spk121>toideng: dot joins the left and right side of a pair: '(a . b) same as (cons 'a 'b). I guess guile thinks you're trying to make a pair with only a right hand side?
<toideng>spk121: i am aware of the pairs, yes
<toideng>however, dot acually works as a proc by itself?..
<spk121>in theory no, but, apparently yes ? <shrug>
<toideng>i've seen it in and got intrigued on what it actually means
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