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<count3rmeasure>hey all, I'm looking for any direct guile->systemd code, meaning manipulate systemd from guile. I found this older apparently abandoned repo and also saw that ac-d-bus would allow me to communicate with systemd stuff via the dbus wire protocol. Is there anything else or do people have any experience with either of the two options I found?
<lilyp>I think defining your interface in terms of ac-d-bus would be the way to go, but a bug in core guile makes it so that you can't actually use some buses
<count3rmeasure>ahhh, thank you so much for that :lilyp !
<count3rmeasure>exactly the kind of thing I don't have time to waste on figuring out myself
<lilyp>other than that, shepherd recently gained (experimental) systemd socket activation capabilites
<count3rmeasure>my use case was randomly chosen and didactic so I'll be able to do something else, systemd would have simply provided an easy in for the intended audience
<lilyp>what would have been your use-case?
<count3rmeasure>a "what can I use scheme for" in a real world way that the audience can take and immediately play with and extend. The source is a semi introductory text for building security tools in scheme, starting with scripting gdb
<count3rmeasure>I've been working on using the guile gdb bindings for a few years to attempt to do static analysis
<count3rmeasure>I'm going to be releasing the first public code I know of that targets the api, I'm pretty excited, I've dipped in here a few times over the years to ask questions and people have been very helpful
<lilyp>you might want to use guile extensions to make, although the young'uns probably want ninja instead
<count3rmeasure>releasing it next week to be exact, and it won't be my code so to speak, its a re-implementation of a python gdb extension
<count3rmeasure>I've never heard of either of these?
<count3rmeasure>oh you mean binary ninja, right?
<lilyp>make and ninja, the build tools
<count3rmeasure>oh, I've never heard of ninja the build tool before
<count3rmeasure>thanks for that
<lilyp>ninja is used as a backend by meson, cmake and a bunch of google specific ninja frontends
<daviid>on thos 'fronts', there is
<count3rmeasure>genuinely surprised, tho I don't follow google tooling that close, that I had never heard of this before, it looks to be fairly mature
<spk121>haha, wrong window
<eskin>lampilelo: thank you! that worked
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