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<amazigh>hello guilers, did anyone fork and continue the work on
<amazigh>there is apparantly a fork that is working at
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<ekaitz>hi! how can I generate a foreign-function for `openpty`? It's part of libc but I'm unable to find it
<mwette>ekaitz: if you get nyacc there's a termios FFI module, then make new pty.ffi with this (and compile): (define-ffi-module (ffi pty) #:include '("pty.h") #:use-ffi-module (ffi termios))
<ekaitz>mwette: thanks! so there's no way to do it directly like this? (foreign-library-function #f "tcgetattr")
<mwette>sure. I'll post something close ...
<ekaitz>i'm trying to do it but it doesn't find, but it can find tcgetattr and stuff like that, for instance
<mwette>(foreign-library-function #f "openpty" int (list '* '* '* '* '*)) I think
<mwette>er (foreign-library-function #f "openpty" #:return-type int #:arg-types (list '* '* '* '* '*))
<ekaitz>yeah, i tried that but it doesn't work
<ekaitz>In procedure dlsym: Error resolving "openpty": "guile: undefined symbol: openpty"
<ekaitz>but it does work for other functions
<mwette>I don't get that
<mwette>I get $1 = #<procedure 7f90d98bd100 (_ _ _ _ _)>
<ekaitz>so your system finds it and mine doesnt...
<ekaitz>i'll try in C just in case
<mwette>maybe your OS does not have it? (or not in libc)
<ekaitz>i tried to make a c file including `pty.h` and run cpp on top of it
<ekaitz>and it generates a file with openpty
<ekaitz>so IDK
<ekaitz>it's plain glibc
<mwette>you need to compile "gcc file.c" to see if it finds the object in libc
<ekaitz>let's try
<ekaitz>oh correct! it doesn't find openpty
<ekaitz>it must be defined in another library because python's openpty does work
<ekaitz>anyway mwette thank you for your help, this is something I need to look up further with guix people
<ekaitz>I just found it's part of a separate sublibrary -lutil
<amazigh>I did a PR a while back against guile-fibers
<amazigh>nobody replied
<amazigh>fwiw they are nasty bugs looming and that is not FUD