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<mwette>timestamps I think; "touch" will get your file to recompile: useful if you use include or include-from-path
<lilyp>spk121: timestamps and dependencies
<lilyp>though perhaps the dependency thing depends on your build tooling; it appears to matter only for autocompilation, which happens during the LOAD phase of a two-stage build
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<chrislck>sneek: botnsack
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<mwette>can't find emit-source in guile modules anywhere; it's used the def' of maybe-emit-source in (language tree-il compile-bytecode)
<atka>hi guile, new here. I want to try hacking on a guix system file, specifically mapped-devices.scm, I'm wondering the best way to go about having an interactive testing environment. I have guile, emacs, and geiser installed and the guix 1.3.0 source downloaded. I launched emacs and geiser from within the source folder and the repl seems to let me use modules from it, am I on the right track?
<singpolyma>atka: probably you want guix from git not 1.0.3
<singpolyma>Err 1.3.0
<atka>singpolyma: ok sure, I can grab that
<atka>I'm wanting to add a field to (define-record-type* that will accept a boolean and based on that #t/#f have a cond that appends a string to (system* #$(file-append cryptsetup-static "/sbin/cryptsetup")
<atka>should something like this be testable in the repl?